Chapter 4Mature

The next morning, I wake up, deciding to walk to my friends house.

Shrugging on a jacket, I leave, Liv snoring loudly on the couch. Once down the steps, I put in my earbuds, Insanity's High's new album playing in my ear. I can't help but smiling to myself, the past two days the happiest I've had in a long time. My cheeks heat at the memories.

Turning into Ally's neighborhood, I turn off my music, coming to her door quickly. It cracks open, her brother Xander's face poking out.

"Hey, Jaynie. " he says, pulling the chain. "Ally is upstairs."

Stepping inside I immediately run up the stairs.


No answer.


No answer as I reach the top step.


"Whaaaaat?!" She yells just as I run, squealing, into her room. I launch myself at her bed,

landing almost on top of her.

"O.m.g, the concert was amazing!" I say, squealing more.

She smacks her hands to her cheeks.

"I completely forgot to ask about it! How did it go? Was it amazing? Did Andy hug you? I heard he hugs everyone. How did he smell?" She rushes in one breath.

"Oh my god, it was amazing. I got pulled on stage to sing with Andy!" I gush.

Her eyes almost bug out of her scull as she pops onto her knees, hands griping my shoulders.

"You, what?!"

"I. Got to. Sing. With. Andy. Flipping. Cross!"

She starts screaming, shaking me at the same time.

"That's not all," I say, my voice rising to a yell."He hugged me and it was amazing and he smelled like apples and he gave me his number and so did Marx and and and..."

Ally stops shaking me. Silence. Almost an entire minute passes.

"What!" She screams. "What?! How... what... how"

More screaming as she grabs my hands and I join in screaming, her tiny body bouncing ups and down.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Asks Xander from the doorway.

We look at him and scream,"I/Jaynie am/is texting Andy and Marx!"

He stares blankly, "...Who?"

Ally throws a pillow at him.

"Insanity's High you idiot!"

"Oh," he says, turning, flapping a hand at us as he leaves.

Just then, my voice catches and I start wheezing. Ally looks at me, concern radiating off her features. She gets off her bed and lifts me up. Helping me down the steps, she pops me in a chair before opening the fridge. Ally hands me a glass of water and sits across the table.

"Sorry," she whispers.

I shake my head, waving her off.

"It's fine. After I finish, wanna take a walk? We haven't gotten to talk much since your phone broke."


A few minute pass and I finish my water. Standing, we walk out the house. A bird twittered in a tree.

"So, how are things?" I ask her, breaking the silence.

She shrugs, "Could be better. Mom and Dad are fighting again and Xander got fired from his job."

"Again?" I question, frowning.

She shoves her hands in the pockets of her a7x pull over, "Yeah."

I bump her shoulder with mine.

"How are things with your sister?"

Rolling my eyes, I answer.

"Same as usual: in denial. She started working a double shift at the club. Currently, Liv is passed out on the couch."

Solemnly, Ally nods.

"School?" I ask.

She looks up at me, "Same. Except for the funeral last week."

I lower my head, suppressed sadness welling to the forefront of my mind.

We continue our walk in silence.

A half hour later we reach town. Black clouds loom in the sky, a few drops of water beginning to splatter on the ground. Ally and I duck in a coffee shop, ordering a cup each. Sitting down in a window seat, we look out the window.

"Haven't been in here since last year," she whispers, the china clicking.

"Me either."

My phone vibrates in my pocket. Pulling it out, the corner of my mouth lifts.


Hey, sorry I didn't text earlier. We just got back to England.

Ally lifts her head, "Who's that?"

"Andy," I reply.

Her eyes sparkle, "Ooo. What's the deal with that, anyways?"

"I'm not sure, both Andy and Marx are talking to me. I don't think either of them know the other is texting me." I say, sipping my coffee.

"Scandalous!" She says excitedly. I flash her a look but she keeps smiling, humming under her breath.

To: Andy

It's fine :3

Taking another sip, I get a reply.


Okay, good. If you've never been, you should come here sometime.

To: Andy

That would be amazing! Plane tickets are expensive though.

I sigh and look at Ally. She winks at me and we laugh.

The End

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