Chapter 3Mature

Sunlight streams brightly through my window, hitting the crystals dangling from a hook and shining straight into my eyes. I groan as my phone buzzes, strengthening my resolve to get up and relive my eyes.

Struggling, I reach out, fumbling on the table for my phone. Finding it, I unlock it with one eye open. A moment later I smile at the sender's name. 


Hey, I hope it's not too early.

I look in the corner or the screen, straining to read the tiny numbers. Nine twenty-six it reads.

To: Andy

It's not too Early. :) I was just getting up.

I put down my phone down and roll over, practically falling out of the bed. I untangle myself from my sheets before stripping down, throwing my dirty clothes into a basket in the corner. Pulling out an outfit from my closet, I pull them on. I yawn; my phone buzzes again.


That's good. What are you doing today?

I think for a moment, trying to remember if I had something planned. Nothing comes to mind.

To: Andy

Not so sure yet. You?

Shuffling to the kitchen, my Eor slippers flopping about, I pour myself a bowl of Reeces Puffs.

Deciding to text Marx, I open his contact.

To: Marx

Hey, this is Jaynie

I send it and keep eating, my thoughts wandering as a wait. When I've thoroughly removed every drop of liquid from the bowl, I take it to the sink, dropping it on the growing pile of dirty dishes. I make a mental note to remind my sister it's her week to wash them.

I check my phone.


You'll figure something out. :) and just running through a couple new songs the boys.


Hey, babe! Took you long enough. What's up??

I sigh and flop on the living room couch, the wood screeching from my body slamming down.

To: Andy

Hopefully XD and that sounds fun. I hope to hear the new ones soon!

To: Marx

I know, was tired after the show and I'm just sitting on the couch texting.

Just as I finish replying, my sister calls complaining that she left her wallet on her dresser. I shake my head at her forgetfulness and grab it, pulling on shoes before leaving the apartment.

During the half block to the bus stop, my phone buzzes.


It's gonna suck balls today 


If you were tired, you could have spent the night with me ;)

I blush and reply.

To: Marx

Haha, well that would have been very hoeish of me.


Why?! You guys are amazing.

The bus arrives and I get on, dropping the fee in the box, proceeding to thank the driver for covering my fair the week before. She smiles and waves me back.

Periodically stopping, the bus soon arrive at the club my sister dances at. Going in the back entrance, I walk right into the smoky, rave like atmosphere. Topless girls walk around, applying make up over hickeys, kissing each other in dark corners, and having shouting matches ending in tears. I shake my head as I look for my sister.

I find her, spinning around a poll, men hooting and trying to shove money down her underwear.

Really, I think. Did you have to be on the floor when I got here? Couldn't you have warned me?

I turn around and look for Sunny, my sisters best friend. I find her adjusting her top in the back.

"Sunny, can you give this to Liv?" I yell over the pulsing music.

She nods and I hand her the wallet, hurrying out of the club as fast as possible, heading back to the bus stop.

I pull out my phone while I waiting; again


Dæmon is totally strung out and Marx is... who the hell knows?? He looks like he just got laid. And thanks :)

I laugh slowly, blushing.


Nah, only people that would know is the guys.

I blow out air slowly, my bangs flying to the side.

To: Andy

Didn't the tabloids print about that a few weeks ago?

To: Marx

That's more people than I would want to know.

The next bus comes, taking me home.

A few hours of channel flipping passes when the boys reply.


Hey, sorry. Something went down. But yeah, it was. Lost us a lot of ticket sales. :/


Holy shit! Andy and Jordy totally took the beat down on Dæm. He even pulled a knife on them. Everyone's a bloody mess. XD

My jaw drops in horror as I reread the message.

To: Andy

Everybody ok? Sorry to hear about the sales, you'll make it up though :3

To: Marx


Almost immediately I get replies.

From: Andy

Everybody is fine, don't worry. :)

From: Marx

Ahaha it's all good, don't sweat.

I can't shake the feeling of dread as I reply.

To: Andy

Ok :/ Skype after I take a nap?

To: Marx

Fine :/

Walking into my room, I curl up on my bed, still freaked out by the messages from Andy and Marx


I wake up an hour and a half later. Stretching, look at the time and sigh. Opening my laptop, I log in. Skype opens and I immediately get a call from Andy.

"Hey," I say, rubbing my eyes.

"Hey to you too. Sleep well?"

I nod and lay down, propping my head on my palm. Suddenly, I notice there is a cut on his forehead and lip; his eye is bruised and slightly swollen.

"What happened to your eye?" I ask, worried.

"Dæmon connected a punch to my face. Didn't hurt at first but now? Ouch" he laughs, rubbing his cheek.

On a whim, I blow him a kiss, "Hope this helps"

"Aww, it's helping already," He replies, blushing slightly. "But you shouldn't worry, you'll wrinkle your pretty face."

He chuckles at his joke and smiles at me. I smile back happily.

The End

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