Chapter 2Mature

The show ends and my anxiety in meeting the boys increases. I rush to the bathroom nearby, nausea causing me to retch. After the feeling passes, I run a hand though my fringe, platinum strands twirling around my icy fingers. My ears ring from the loss of sound.

I sigh, fix a smear under my eye, and walk out; the door squeaking behind me. I follow signs leading backstage to the ready rooms, the man from before standing nearby. He looks up from the book he is reading and smiles.

"Hello again, pass?" He asks.

I hand it over, my hand shaking as his punches a hole in the corner. Without a moments notice, he opens the door, pushing me inside.

"Have fun," he says, the door slamming in my face. I stare at the wood grain in shock. There is a small cough and I slowly turn around. I blink slowly as Andy's face lights up in recognition.

"Hey! It's you again, fancy that," he smiles. He then picks up a plastic bottle of water, drinking slowly. I cab barely speak as I stare in awe.

"Hi," I squeak. "I'm Jaynie Price."

"Well, I'm Andy," he replies before pointing to the other members.

"Jordy Halt, " says Jordy, hands shoved deep in the pockets of his pants.

"Dæmon Deamon," he says, a little harshly. I flinch. I see Andy flash him a look of disdain.

Marx winks at me like before, "Marx Off."

Andy then turns, grabbing a bag from under a table, handing it to me. On the flap is their logo, the content within making my eyes widen. A signed poster, a t-shirt and the latest album lay inside.

My vision begins to blacken, my line of sight wobbling.

Andy, seeming to notice, lays a hand on my shoulder, concern spreading across his soft features.

"Are you alright?" he asks, leading me to a nearby stool.

I nod, embarrassed, a deep blush rising to my cheeks. "I'm fine, just excited...and a little star struck." He laughs, the tone more amazing in person than in any if their vlogs.

"Andy, you don't wanna kill the girl! Geez, cut down on the charm, you womanizer," says Marx.

I giggle slightly and pop up, feeling much better. I'm surprised when Andy hugs me, his chest warm against my cheek. He smells like apple's. Before he pulls away, I feel a slip of paper slide into my pocket.

He smiles sweetly just as there is a mock on the door.

"Well, I guess time is up. I hope to see you again!" He says, waving. Just before I turn, Marx speaks up.

"Think fast," he calls, throwing a paper ball at me. I catch it and smile.

I wave and walk out the door, my pulse pounding, Andy's scent still clinging. The man outside the door smiles one more time, wishing me a good night and to be safe. No one is left in the building when I walk out, my breath fogging in the chilled air.

Dropping down on the curb, I pull the slip of paper from my pocket. I unfold it slowly, revealing tight, neat lettering.

Your voice is beautiful. If you would like to talk, feel free to call or text the number and name below.


Following the note is a Skype user and cellphone number. I sit in shock, wondering at what point he wrote it. Suddenly, I remember the paper thrown at me by Marx. I hurriedly open it, the paper ripping on a mangled line on the side. My eyes widened.

Don't let Andy's charm lead you wrong.

Your body's rocking. ;)


A number is scrawled under the message. I am tempted to text both but my phones battery life had drained to almost nothing in the time I had been at the show. I dialed my sister, needing her to take me home. She whines at first before saying she'll come.


An hour later she arrives. My legs are numb from the cold as her Camero rolls up in front of me. I walk around the side, opening the door. She looks up at me, jaw slowly chewing down on a piece of gum, the heat in the car instantly fogging the windows.

"If you were cold, you should have worn something warmer." I say, getting in the car. She rolls her eyes as I click in.

"What did you get?" She asks unenthusiasticly.

I shrug, starring out the window, a full mood illuminating the road.

"Just some merch," I reply.

Minutes of silence pass before my sister makes a clearing sound in her throat.

"You really should get you license."

I flinch at the words.


The rest of the ride passes slowly as I watch buildings and trees fly past my window until we are almost home. My sister turns onto our street and into our block, the car jumping over the speed bump. She pulls up in front of our apartment building, dropping me off.

I climb the two flights of stairs, the rusting wrought iron creaking under my feet. I unlock the door and head straight to my room, popping my scuffed converse off my feet half down the hall. Once inside the confines of my room, I start up my old laptop, the fan whirring away as I take down my hair, shaking it brusquely.

The log in screen appears and I type in my password, the jingle playing. Then, I grab the bag from the show, pulling out the album. Pulling off the plastic, I open the jewel-case, inserting the disk in the disk drive. A few clicks and I have Andy's voice back in my ears.

I flop on my bed and bring up Skype, entering in the name Andy gave me into the search. One result. I send a request and seconds later it is accepted, a message arriving with a blip.

Andy: Hey! You added me! :)

Me: Yes I did ^^

Andy: How did you like the show?

Me: It was amazing...

Andy: haha that's great!

Me: Yeah

There is a five-minute pause where I think he has gotten bored of me but then there is a blip.

Andy: Would you mind if I called? I cleared the guys from the room. :)

I nod, my heart thundering and realize he can't see the movement. I smack my palm against my forehead before replying.

Me: Sure

A moment later Skype rings and I click "answer". The call comes up, showing Andy's torso. He looks nervous as he slowly waves at me. I wave back.

"Is that your room?" he asks.

I look at the image in the corner of the screen, dark purple walls and my IH poster completely visible behind my head. I blush, nodding.

He laughs, "Hey it's alright! They're a pretty great band if I say so myself."

I giggle.

"That's adorable."

My eyes widen, "What is?"

"How you tilt your head when you laugh."

My face heats up as I blush again. I look away from the screen, not wanting him to see.

"Since you probably already know a bit about me, let's talk about you."

I look back at the screen and nod; Andy smiles reassuringly.

"Every question you answer, I'll answer after you do. Starting simple, favourite color?"

"Purple," I reply.

"Mines pink," he smiles. "Play any sports?"

I shake my head no.

"Ha me either. Sports are lame. Family?"

I shift slightly, "Sister."

He raises an eyebrow but doesn't say anything about my answer.

"Well I have Marx, of course, a younger sister and my parents. I only live with Marx though.

How old are you?"

I smile wide, "Eighteen in two hours."

Andy's expression changes, "Well happy birthday Jaynie!"

I smile again, my cheeks beginning to hurt. I run a hand through my hair, making my bangs fall into my face. I blow upwards, trying to move them out of the way, which causes Andy racks of laughter.

I start laughing with him until I see Jordy walking in the background, completely naked, towel drying his hair. I quickly slap a hand over my eyes.

"Uh, Andy..." I say, looking through my fingers.

He turns around, "Wha... JORDY PUT SOME DAMNED CLOTHES ON!"

I hear an exasperated sigh and a "fine" from somewhere in the background as Andy turns back.

"They have no manners," he says.

I cough, trying to suppress my laughter. Instead, I fall backward onto my bed. I hold my stomach as I laugh. After a few moments I sit up and sigh. Andy smiles. His eyes crinkling at the corners.

I then grab my phone, entering his number into my contacts, sending him a quick text. I hear his phone chime on his end.

"Thank you," he says. "I'll text you tomorrow, if that's all right?"

I nod.

We sit in awkward silence for a minute before we both giggle. Andy rubs his neck, a blush rising to his cheeks.


We talk for a few hours when Andy suddenly shouts happy birthday. I giggle and thank him.

I yawn wide.

"If you're tired, I can go?" Andy asks solemnly.

"I'm sorry," I say, yawning again. "Worn out from the excitement.

He nods, "Talk to you tomorrow then, Jaynie. Goodnight."

"Night, Andy," I whisper.

Skype ends and I shut my laptop, pushing it to the side. I slide into my silk sheets, still in my clothes, too tired to even think.

The End

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