A sacrifice of life signifies the beginning of an adventure. To every beginning there is an end, and to every end there is always a beginning. My dear avid reader, you may feel yourself wondering why you were forced into this story so quickly; why you had little time to get to know Elliot or Jessica. The answer is simple, they are the catalysts to something bigger, beyond both of them. Their story is pitance to something much more intense, and it leads way into the real story, the one about death.
    As a storyteller my duty is to give you the facts of life in a way you will understand and tolerate, and to do this I must sometimes be blunt and fast to get to the point. I wish not to confuse or distort your perception of this tale, but only to enhance it, to make it more real.
    Now the real tale begins and now I will leave you with it, my presence here will only be through the light narration; I will no longer aid you through this, for you must yourself find aid in what you read. Be safe my reader, be safe and take to heart the lessons you will learn from this fairy tale too true to life. Once upon a time you learned that life isn't what you thought it was, and we are all just pawns under a bigger need.

    "What have you done to this world? To my world," the figure, that was once Jessica, demanded of Elliot, her red eyes shifting everywhere like a chameleon.
    Elliot swallowed hard, trying to take the change in, trying to understand, to deal with what had just happened.
    "I have asked you a question subordinate," she yelled, her eyes focusing in on him, "you will answer your Mistress."
    "I...I...what are you?" Elliot studdered.
    "I am Kishka, Demi-God of this realm; ruler of this dimension, locked away from my kingdom, until now, until you," she answered coldly, "Now tell me what you have done to my world, how did you bring me back?"
    Elliot leaned on his hand and began to back away slowly, dragging his legs, desperately trying to figure out what was happening, and a way out. Kishka, in Jessica's body, moved forward, and flipped a desk out of her way with a single touch of her finger. The desk flew into a wall, crashing to pieces from the force.
    "You dare attempt to escape from your Mistress?" her red hair began to float around her head, glowing with rage, "no more games subordinate, you will answer me now. How did you manage to conjuer the power to bring me back. Are you ruler of my realm now?"
    "Ruler? N-no, I mean, there are no rulers here," Elliot choked out.
    "Who keeps you subordinates in order? Who keeps all things in balance?" Kishka pressed.
    "Well...there are people who are voted in by sub...I mean citizens, to make the decisions for their countries," Elliot found himself answering more fluidly, although he wasn't sure how it was coming out so easily. It was as though the answers were being ripped out of him.
    "You, a subordinate primortial piece of mud, vote for others like yourself to make decisions that you are not able to make? Is this not flawed logic?" her head tilted back and forth in curiousity, as though examining him; her eyes bulged out wide from her sockets.
    Before Elliot was able to answer there was a shout from the hallway, and his teacher suddenly showed up at the door.
    "Elliot? Jessica? What the hell is going on in here?" he looked over at the large peices of desk and the dents in the wall, "who did this? Elliot answer me."
    Kishka spun around in a robotic motion, her head tilting back and forth still, as though completely seperated from her concious movements.
    "Silence foolish, this subordinate and I are attempting to converse," she spat.
    "Jessica? What happened to you? Why are you talking like that?" he asked, completely confused.
    "I said silence," she yelled, and with a wave of her hand he flew backwards and the door slammed shut. She spun back around and faced Elliot once more, her eyes still bulging, examining.
    "We will not be able to converse in peace here. I must take us somewhere new, where we will not be bothered," she explained, although Elliot felt as though she wasn't really explaining for his benefit.
    She closed her eyes and breathed in deep. Instantly she was surrounded by an aura of red, and her hair flew around her head more wildly. Her ticks of her head became more violent, and she moved a hand forward in Elliot's direction.
    The flow of red followed her arm like a river and flowed towards Elliot; he tried to stand up, to get away, but it was useless, the red flow was already surrounding him, and penetrating him. Elliot felt pain and pleasure mix together suddenly like an electric shock, and his entire body tensed. He closed his eyes and visions, memories flashed by in a super fast forward of motion. Once in a while they slowed to normal speed, him riding a bike for the first time, him having a birthday, his first kiss, his last kiss.
    Kishka screamed out in complete agony suddenly and Elliot felt the pain she must be feeling as he was still connected to her; he screamed out too, their voices mixing together in an animalistic cry. Elliot closed his eyes again and he could see his kiss with Jessica playing over and over again. The shock in his body became so overwhelming that he was suddenly numb, and paralyzed, nothing was able to move by free will.
    Kishka's screaming suddenly cut to silence, and moments later the memories faded from Elliot's eyes, deteriorating like an old television slowly loosing the heated picture from it's screen. As minutes past, Elliot felt feeling return to him, and he was able to move his fingers and toes. Before long his arms and legs twitched and not long later he was able to begin to move them once more.
    There was a distinct smell that Elliot could not remember, but that he knew well. A light breeze fluttered through his hair, pulling at it playfully.
    "Open your eyes subordinate," Kishka's voice trespassed his ears.
    Elliot, reluctantly began to open his eyes slowly. Light filtered through, but it was still gloomy, the clouds still blocked the sun from the land. He opened them fully, and he instantly recognized where he was. No longer in his classroom though.
    "How...why did you bring me here?" he asked.
    "I did not, it was you subordinate," Kishka answered quietly, "you brought us here through my power; you chose this ground."
    Elliot stared at the tombstone only meters away from where he sat, the etched letters in the smoothed stone haunted him instantly.
    "Why here? This is the one place I never want to be," Elliot demanded.
    Kishka closed her eyes, but this time there was not exchange of power; she simply took a deep breathe, and slowly exhaled.
    "There is something not right subordinate, something not right with your memories," she changed the subject, "I searched your memories, I searched them to find a place more peaceful for us to converse."
    She stopped, and took another breath, slowly exhaling again. Elliot watched her warily, he couldn't tell where she was going with this.
    "Your memories are placed, they are not real," she finally said, "I sense something deep inside of you, but it's hidden from even my power. Some old faerie magic has pushed your real memories deep inside the well of your soul. I cannot know why."
    She fell silent, and Elliot was left with too many more questions. Instead of pursuing the current issue he was mulling over, he decided to take a different route.
    "What happened to Jessica?" he asked quietly.
    Kishka opened her eyes and stared at him cocking her head, as though she were a dog trying to understand human language. Finally she seemed to understand.
    "Oh yes, the meaningless soul that inhabited this vessel; her journey is now over, her life meaning complete," she answered, expressionless.
    Elliot felt heat build inside of him; this, thing, had taken the body of his most everlasting love, and it showed no emotion towards doing it. He suddenly saw white, and he leapt to his feet and moved towards her in fury.
    Kishka was more aware of his intentions then previously let on, and with one simply raise of her hand she held him in place, paralyzed once more.
    "Why do you intend harm on me subordinate?" she asked, "this girl meant something to you? She is nothing, she is dust; I am power and everything, it was necessary for her to give her vessel up to me.
    Elliot gritted his teeth, he wasn't able to move his mouth but he forced the words out.
    "How...could you just...take her?" he managed to get out.
    She eyed him down, her cold eyes jumping back and forth over him, her mysterious power still holding him paralyzed in place.
    "I didn't subordinate," she answered, moving her hand away, releasing him "you did."
    Elliot fell to his knees looking back over at the tombstone again, the words calling out to him quietly, haunting him loudly.
    "What?" was all he could get out.
    She watched him, and followed his line of vision to the tombstone, where the names of two people called out a story of pain in the life of one person.
    "Yes subordinate, you opened the gate; you sent her soul through. I simply entered and took her empty vessel as my own," Kishka explained.
    Tears filled Elliot's eyes and clouded his vision, and he could no longer make out the words on the stone; Keith and Mary Carson, beloved father and mother, may their souls rest in peace.
    "No," Elliot whispered, "not again."

The End

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