Once upon a time...for you see 'once upon a time' is the true way to begin a real story. It is the only way one begins to let the reader know that this is truly the beginning and there will truly be an end; even if that end is neverending.
    I must fair warn you though reader, as fair warning is the custom of a true story teller, this tale will bring to life creatures and horrors only known in your darkest and deepest sickened-state nightmares. It will also touch your heart and possibly your soul, it will anger you, and make you weep. This story will encompass you and make you wish for a better life, a better time.
    The story of true love is as old as time itself; perhaps ageless, as running before time, removes it from time. Although, this story is not about love, it is about adventure and journey, beauty and horror, the story begins with true love so that is where I will begin.
    This story is also a fairytale of sorts, but not one you might have become accustomed to; no this fairy tale begins in the modern time of man, where science and technology rule a once ignorant world. And it begins with a kiss, as all great love stories do, but it will really begin with a death, as many of the great fairy tales do as well.
    Once upon a time, there was a boy named Eden. Although, Eden was not the name he knew to be called by; his knownst name was Elliot. Eden will become more relevant as we move further into the story, for now we will call him Elliot and that is how he shall be known.
    Elliot was in love with a girl, Jessica. For who would not love a girl such as her, she shimmered in the light, she glimmered in the darkness; she shone brightly when she smiled. She was love and he felt her everyday in his heart. And as he placed his first kiss on her, her body was hollowed out and her shell of a body was taken by a demon. This was not his doing, his meaning, it was the way it was meant to be. It was destined, fated, whatever word you choose.
    It is now that I realize this does not follow the context of a true story. Giving up the climax before building up to it. You must understand the way of my people; we are born and raised as a race of keepers of knowledge. Although, the knowledge we keep is formated into stories, and fact or fiction they paint a picture of the way things were, or are, or will be. We make our own structure, our own way of telling things. Sometimes this does not coincide with the way some beings are used to. For the sake of your needs, for you to be able to fully appreciate this story, I will move back to the beginning; to 'once upon a time', when a boy saw a girl, and fell in love.

    Mountains; thats what he saw in her eyes. Mountains of life, meant for him to climb, to prove how he felt about her. How else was Elliot going to even remotely be able to conjure up a way to let this girl even get a speck of his existence in her radar? Elliot was about to get his wish, as the arm he was leaning on to dream about her suddenly became loose of its place on his desk and gave way, hurling his face forward and smashing it into the corner of his desk.
    Everyone in the classroom looked at him; including Jessica. He was hoping to say something, anything that would save him from this moment of humiliation, and very much pain. Except, before he was even able to open his mouth to speak, loud laughter filled the room. His vision was completely focused on Jessica now, who smirked but in a sympathetic way. It was a level of care that he had not expected to see, let alone her noticing him fall at all.
    Time crawled to a snail's pace as the laughter around him quieted and all he could hear was her eyes calling out their sympathy. All he could see was her lips calling out his name. Elliot, Elliot?
    "Elliot? Are you okay?"
    He was brought back to reality and the normal flow of time as the teacher knelt down slowly in front of him. A look of concern creased his face as he looked Elliot over.
    "Look son, I know its tough to be strong in this time. You obviously need some peers a little less condescending and a little more understanding. But this is a jungle, eat or be eaten alive. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
    This man was reaching out to Elliot, giving him an opening for help, but Elliot was in pain. Far worse than his face could give at the moment, and no one, not even Jessica, could pull him from his pit of agony.
    Elliot stood up pushing away the hand of the teacher.
    "Thank you for your help sir, I'm sorry for the interruption," he said quietly.
    The teacher gave him a querical look, almost looking sadly down on him, but he quickly stood up as well.
    "Well just keep more near the centre of the desk if you're day dreaming alright son?" And with that he moved back to the front of the class, while a few jeers and giggles followed quietly.
    "Alright children, quiet down please, I'm sure Mr. Carson has heard enough for one day, now let's get back to these equations shall we?" he called out, and shot one last sympathetic look at Elliot before turning back to the blackboard.
    His voice droned back into white noise again, as Elliot resumed his stare on the back of Jessica's flowing blonde head. Her beauty surrounded her like the graceful halo of an angel. He could write endless amounts of poetry just about how her eyes made him feel; about how they were looking at him right now with intensity and surging love.
    Elliot quickly shot a glance in the other direction; he couldn't be sure if he was really day dreaming or if she was just staring back at him. He stared out the window, sweat beginning to bead on his forehead, as his nerves took over. At some point in time he realized he'd need to sneak a glance to see if she was looking.
    Outside the rain had leeched the sky, and the clouds fermented rain. They would soon be washing the dry world, and Elliot had forgotten his umbrella. His mind was drifting he could tell, he needed to focus on class, focus on life. Now that they were gone, he would need to make it for himself.
    Pulling his mind away from dark thoughts he decided it was a good time to sneak a glance back once more at his beauty; his eyes shifted heavily in his sockets, completely reluctant to even dare such a move. Although, he managed to force himself to look. As he did he was met once again with the spark of her blue eyes. Direct and on contact, they lit a fire inside of him, as though the wick of a match had become alite.
    She smirked a little and placed a wink in his direction. It caught him off guard and he almost fell again, though he caught himself this time, with her stunning eyes. She gave him one last look before turning back in the direction of the board. Her eyes had lost contact but his heart still felt it, and the butterflies inside had turned into wild exotic birds, ruthlessly fluttering around his stomach looking for an escape.
    Class breezed by after that, and soon he found himself watching her leave with her group of friends giggling, and talking in secret voices. He fantasized that it was all about him; although the likelyhood of that was far from true. With that she was gone, and he found himself to be left alone inside the class.
    He went to the window and rested on the cement frame, watching the wind roll in, as it played atop the trees. The rain had started slowly, and it was wetting the ground with it's first few drops.
    He spun around, suddenly embarrassed to be here alone and brooding. Then he saw her, it was Jessica.
    "What are you doing here? Alone?" She asked, although the questioned seemed hypothetical.
    "I was watching the rain," Elliot found himself able to speak, "I just like to watch it rain sometimes. Keeps me calm."
    She smiled and moved into the class more, almost floating, as she made no bounce in her step at all. Her hair flutteredly lightly around her face. She was glowing though, with something he didn't see in many others.
    "You're different, Elliot," she smiled, and then her face turned grim, and she looked out the window, "I heard about your parents, I was sorry to hear I mean..."
    "It's alright," Elliot cut her off gently, "it was long enough ago now, I don't think about it much anymore."
    Lies, he thought about it as often as he thought about her these days. He didn't want her to hear the pain in his voice, see the torture in his eyes. He wanted her to see the love he felt for her, that he had always felt.
    "I understand," she said softly, looking back at him again, "you know, I have a spare before the end of school. I usually go home."
    She let the last sentence hang in the air, let him draw it in, and understand its meaning. It did not pass his attention.
    "You decided to see me instead? Or just wanted to avoid the rain," he asked, playing with the question.
    She moved towards him again, coming closer, he could smell her scent, she needed no perfum.
    "A little bit of both I suppose," she answered, and then smiled coyly, "I wanted to see how you were, looks like you have a nasty bruise there."
    She reached out slowly, her silky hand moving with feeling. He felt her touch and it was warm, as she caressed his face slowly, the pain from the bruise could not overtone the pleasure of her touch. He pretened to wince still, just to give her touch a little meaning.
    "Oh, I'm sorry, did that hurt?" she cooed, but did not remove her hand.
    "No it's alright, it feels better when you touch it," he answered.
    She smiled again and brought her face closer to his, the rain was now coming down harder, washing the windows.
    "I've alwas noticed you Elliot, looking at me, watching me in class," she whispered, "I've noticed you as well."
    Her hand moved back along his neck, the hairs prickling slowly as her touch awoke his inner senses. She moved closer, her soft lips pursing.
    "You are more beautiful then words are able to even respectfully describe," he found himself saying, lost in her touch.
    She giggled and then brought her lips to his, the kiss slowly happening, as both realized it was meant to be. It was more fated then either realized though, and as the connection was made, so it set the destined actions in motion.
    As they held each other, and explored one another's mouths, she began to feel warm inside, warm and wet; and then suddenly hot. Elliot could not feel anything but tingling warmth and happiness. His dreams finally coming alive. He had no idea what Jessica was about to go through.
    She suddenly wretched back from him, and she screamed; the pain inside of her sudden and violent. She fell to the floor and Elliot was by her side instantly, calling her name, desperately calling for anything.
    Jessica began to writhe in pain and agony as her insides began to melt slowly and her soul was slowly and painfully torn from her body. Elliot stroked her hair and tried to get her to look at him, but her eyes stared at the ceiling, seeing nothing but darkness.
    Then a light brighter than Elliot could see, filled her eyes, and suddenly he was thrown back by an electric force of power, beyond anything he had felt before. He writhed too, but in paralysis from the force. He could do nothing as he listened to her screams intensify.
    As quickly as it all happened, it was suddenly over, and silence ensued the violent storm of pain and power. Elliot could not move his mouth so he moaned out, trying to call her name. Thunder cracked the sky, and he saw a figure moving, it was Jessica; she was standing up slowly.
    Elliot felt tears break his eyes, knowing she was okay. But, as another flash of light crossed the clouds, he saw something he didn't recognize. Red hair, as fiery as the sun, and eyes to match, burning with anger and power. It was not Jessica, and as he felt his movement come back to him, he began to crawl backwards; in his soul, he felt the danger.
    "What has this world become?" the figure scowled, looking around in fury.

The End

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