Tier 2: Round 1: Dethnus vs ZeroMature

Dethnus now faces Zero. Necromancer vs Assassin. Friend vs Friend. Master vs Student. Void vs Air. Who will win? Two votes decides the winner, so hurry and vote!

Dethnus walked into the arena for his next fight.

It was against Zero.

"Hello, Zero!" Dethnus called when he finally saw the small figure with silver hair. Dethnus didn't waste any time using Enphearos' power to call forth the bones from the arena's soil. He would need any and every advantage in this fight.

"Hey! Old Man!" Zero called, running up to Dethnus. Dethnus nearly unsheathed RED MYRE right then and there, but reminded himself that Zero wouldn't cheat. So, instead, Dethnus simply clasped hands with the boy when he made it to Dethnus.

"Contestants Dethnus Ackearose and Zero Zalizor!" Both men jumped away, Dethnus pulling RED MYRE and his flat-tipped Executor's longsword. Both blades were made of Mouniron, a metal found only in Mounseik that somehow defied gravity. The blades in his hand felt almost like thin twigs from an oak tree. 

Zero just flicked his wrists, summoning claws to his hands. The boy wore his silver battle reiment, unlike Dethnus who wore a simple black suit, and had a sword strapped to his back. His father's sword, no doubt.


Zero instantly jumped into the air, flying high with his ability with Air Mystics, and headed for Dethnus. Dethnus sliced the air with RED MYRE, releasing the stored flames in a red blast of fire. Zero shot a force of Air to disperse the flames, but Dethnus had already rushed toward him.

If he could get just one hit on Zero, the boy would be slower. That was his only chance at victory. Dethnus threw his RED MYRE toward the airborne Zero, who was still distracted by the flames. Zero noticed and pushed himself out of the way with more Air Mystics. Dethnus cursed and rushed to meet Zero as he fell. It wasn't a smart idea, but Dethnus needed to buy time.

They clashed, Dethnus' Execution sword catching Zero's claw and a drawn knife catching the other claw. Dethnus grew confident, but it left him immediately as Zero's foot rammed into Dethnus' gut, knocking him back a little and freeing Zero's claws. The boy wasted no time rushing his opponent. 

Dethnus rolled backwards, coming on his feet to meet Zero's attack. Dethnus managed to block one claw, but the other sliced a long cut along his side. Dethnus grabbed the offending arm and threw Zero on the ground. The fall allowed Dethnus to free his Executor's longsword from Zero's claw and so he went for the kill.

A force shot Dethnus back almost a dozen feet. 'Damn Air Mystics," Dethnus thought as he picked himself up. He decided the Executor's blade wasn't the best option and dropped it. He then pulled the spear off his back, spun it a few times, and faced the now standing Zero.

Around the boy, skeletal figures rose. He noticed them, but seemed to mad to really care about them. Instead, he rushed toward Dethnus, knocking skeleton after skeleton out of his path with Air Mystics and never slowing. 


'I know, Enphearos.'

Dethnus leaped into the air, though it wasn't high, and started to rise, a pillar of bone erupting from the ground to carry him. Zero kept on running until he reached the pillar that now stood almost two stories and ran up it. Dethnus planned on this. He spun his spear so that the spearhead aimed down and aimed at Zero. 

Dethnus threw the spear with all his might. Zero, of course, dodged it, but Dethnus had planned on that as well. He used a few bones in the  tower - that now stood five stories - and caught the spear. The bone's formed an odd looking hand and threw it back. 

Zero's eyes went wide and he fell. Dethnus almost caught him with some of the bones, but saw that the boy held the spear under his arm. It was a feint!

The pillar shook and Dethnus realized the Zero had rushed the six story structure. Dethnus focused on steadying his pillar of bone, but Zero hit it again and again. Eventually, Dethnus let the pillar go and it collapsed. He had no choice but to use his last resort, then?

Dethnus sighed and opened a Voidgate with his Void Mystic into his room. Through the swirling Darkness, Dethnus saw his last sword: The VoidBlade.

He retrieved it and dismissed the gate. Dethnus still fell toward the ground and toward a waiting Zero, but he no longer worried. Zero did though.

Dethnuse summoned another smaller pillar of bone and landed on it, making the structure sink to break his fall. Zero didn't try to attack. Instead he backed away. he knew this blade.

A skeleton rose, with sword in hand, to Dethnus' right. He sliced the construct with his VoidBlade and the skeleton vanished. Dethnus then sliced the air in front of him, accessing the limitless Void in the blade and releasing his skeleton. The figure appeared, flying toward Zero with sword in hand.

Zero dispatched the creature with ease. "Zero, let's have fun, eh?" Dethnus laughed.

Now they were on equal grounds.

The End

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