Tier 1: Round 2: Dethnus vs RacieusMature

Dethnus is the wielder of the Angel of Death's soul. He is nearly six hundred years old and still very active. He is a necromancer and a user of Void mystics, though he can only make Voidgates. He wields the RED MYRE blade, a sword that constantly releases intense heat. 

Racieus is a halfling who used to be a burgler until his village was attacked in a war. He honed his skills, making himself more like an assassin rather than a petty thief. He uses knives and his own athletic body to his advantage.

'Dethnus,' Enphearos' voice boomed through Drakmor's head, waking the white haired man from his slumber, 'You're match begin's shortly.'

The older man sat up from his cot in the waiting room. Enphearos, the soul of the Angel of Death that dwelled inside of him, wasn't very subtle. Ever. It was almost like living with his father all those hundreds of years ago. Although Dethnus barely remember the man, he was grateful he no longer had to deal with him.

"Fine." Dethnus ripped a hole through reality, opening another in the nearby arena stage, causing a swirling darkness to form in front of him. He was still getting use to Void mystics, but he at least had the Voidgate down. He touched it, allowing himself to disappear. 

A few moments later, Dethnus was in the arena, facing a shorter man with light brown hair. Dethnus had heard about the man before the tournament had started and was not intimidated. Was he supposed to be afraid of a midget with knives?

"Contestants Dethnus Ackearose and Racieus!" the announcer yelled somewhere. Dethnus hardly noticed anything but his opponent. It was the mistake of a warrior to focus on anything but your target. Well.... and the surroundings. "Begin!"

Dethnus pulled the sword hidden under his cloak from its sheath, avoiding letting the red blade by his trimmed beard. No need to set his face aflame. When he came to a battle ready stance, his opponent, Racieus, was nowhere to be seen.

'Behind you!' Dethnus whipped around barely blocking a thrown knife with his RED MYRE. The shorter man ducked behind one of the large rocks that was hidden around the stage. Was he testing Dethnus? This would be fun, then.

Dethnus, using borrowed power, summoned the bones of the fallen warriors who had been buried around the stadium. It would take some time for them to reach the surface of course, so Dethnus left Enphearos to focus on the bones. Dethnus rushed toward the rock where his opponent lay in wait.

The red blade in his hands sliced through the boulder and hopefully through his opponent. Dethnus did NOT want any more knives in him. A figure appearing to his right told Dethnus he had missed his mark. Racieus threw another knife, slicing through Dethnus' hair when he ducked. RED MYRE quickly sliced toward the short man, who in turn retreated backwards.

"Fast," Dethnus commented, throwing his flaming hot blade at Racieus. Surprisingly, instead of dodging or getting hit, the man caught the blade. " Oh wow..." Dethnus said slowly, pulling his spear off his back. He still had one other sword and a couple of knives, but short range was nearly impossible with Racieus wielding the RED MYRE.

"I like this blade," the short man said before rushing toward Dethnus. Dethnus rolled to the side, but realized it was unnecissary. Racieus had tripped and fell, luckily for him without landing on the RED MYRE's blade. The cause of his fall was a skeletal hand. Enphearos smiled from within Dethnus. He had come through, it seemed. 

Racieus jerked his foot free and retreated away from the skeletal form that rose from the ground. Dethnus smiled grimly. He didn't like using people's remains as his weapons but against this one, he needed them.

Now the real battle began.

The End

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