Tier 1: Round 1: Monstroth vs ZeroMature

Monstroth is the hero of Mounseik, saving his people from a mental genocide. He has incredible talent for the Mineral mystic and is a very talented warrior and general. He uses a giant axe, his mineral mystics, and heavy blue armor.

Zero is a child prodigy and a master of several different martial arts. He is the prince of the Saved Kingdom of Seikren and a warrior who drank from the fountain of youth. He has the ability to change his gravity as well as others gravity for a while. He is also

Monstroth walked into the arena, noting the rocks that littered the ground and the small ponds on either side of the grounds. He felt a tingling in his spine that told Monstroth he was being stared at by the large crowd that filled the arena pews. He knew what they saw; a giant of a man in heavy blue armor carrying a massive ax. For some reason, they were either impressed by him or afraid of him.

He stopped at the center of the arena. Who would be his opponent in this first match? 

A door opened across the expansive arena grounds, showing a slim figure walking toward him. The figure had snow white messy hair and white armor to match it. In each hand, he carried a claw. From his fluid walk, Monstroth knew this man could use the claws and probably much more. It didn't bother him, however. He was looking forward to a good match.

"Contestants Monstroth and Zero! Start!"

Monstroth immediately ripped a large boulder from the arena ground and flung it toward the man, whose name was Zero according to the announcer. The man dodged with a side roll and charged towards Monstroth. Monstroth charged as well, hefting his large ax. Maybe he could take down this runt in one swing.

Monstroth swung, his ax heading straight for Zero's head, and hit... nothing.

Zero had ducked and now had one claw in Monstroth's armor. Monstroth kicked the smaller man, causing him to fall backwards and roll away. Luckily, the claw hadn't reached his skin. Still, he would need to be careful of this boy.


"Damnit!" Zero yelled, realizing he hadn't actually stabbed the large man in blue armor. He needed a win so he could get prize. 

Rushing the man again, Zero was met with an ax the size of a motorcycle rushing to meet his face once more. Instead of ducking, because the man would probably expect that, Zero jumped and decreased his own weight into nothingness. He then used his air mystics to propel himself higher into the air and away from that massive ax.

Monstroth - the large man in blue armor - used his own mystic to hurl several of the surrounding boulders after Zero. Zero cursed and shot himself out of the way with more air mystics. How could he win this fight?

Zero dodged another boulder just as an idea formed. It would work, too! He increased his weight, dropping toward Monstroth and his flying boulders. It was harder to dodge the blue armored man's projectiles, but turned out to be worth it when Zero's foot came into contact with Monstroth's helmet. 

The helmet flew through the air, revealing a withered face. Monstroth fell to the ground and immediately rolled away. Zero, on the other hand, charged toward his vulnerable opponent. He could taste the prize.


Monstroth dropped his ax as the smaller man ran toward him. He knew how this guy fought now, so the heavy ax was useless. He used his Mineral mystic to gather up small rocks and coat his fists. He would need to break those damnable claws first.

They met, Monstroth taking a claw in his side, with the claw actually piercing skin, and Zero taking a rock encrusted fist in the face. The smaller man flew to the side, leaving one claw in Monstroth. Monstroth pulled it out and threw it on the ground. One down, one to go.

Zero stood slowly, clearly fighting to stay balanced. The man was tough, it seemed.

Well, Monstroth was tougher.

The End

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