It's Hard to SayMature

Ryan's POV
My eyes flickered open, I didn't remember falling asleep, I remembered getting into the bunk unsure of whether or not to take any clothes off, I remembered taking Erin's shoes off her and getting in beside her, I remembered not knowing where to put my hands or what way to lie, but after that I just thought and thought until I fell asleep. Now here I was, my face against her shoulder, her hair tickling my nose, my arm around her waist, her hand placed on my arms, our legs entwined. I  listened to her breathing, gentle and quiet. Her hair smelt faintly like coconut, something I had never noticed before. I could feel every bit of her that touched me, my senses felt heightened, I suddenly realised how close we were, wrapped up together in this tiny space. I couldn't help but imagine what could happen with us, silly childish thoughts raced through my mind, she would suddenly be better, she would wake up, we would share a moment, we would become inseperable and we'd live happily ever after. She moved a bit, breaking my thought pattern, I shut my eyes, for some reason I felt I shouldn't be awake before her, she wouldn't want to talk so pretending to sleep would make her happy. Her fingers curled along my arm, causing me to shiver and new thoughts began running through my head.

Erin's POV
I woke slowly, it took a few seconds to register where I was. I didn't remember much of last night, which was nothing new. Slowly I realised there was an arm around my waist, I felt someone breathing against my neck, who was it? Not Adam, he snored. It wasn't Olly, he wasn't a cuddler. I suddenly felt a little sick, it couldn't be Bart. No, whoever it was they smelt too good to be Bart, they smelt familiar. My heart skipped a beat, Ryan. It was Ryan. My gut started screaming to get out of the bus, I had to leave, had to get out of this extremely comfortable bunk and avoid the awkward moment when he woke up and we had to talk. I slowly moved his arm from my waist and turned around to face him, he looked peaceful, the only way out was over him. It was never easy was it? I sat up and put my hands on each side of his head, slowly I put one leg over him, holding my breath scared that if I breathed he would wake up. I went to make the final move out of the bunk when I thumped my head off the bunk above, my elbows and knees buckled and my head smacked against his. His eyes shot open and his hands went to my waist. I opened my mouth to apologise but I couldn't speak. I felt a lump form in my throat as we just stared at each other. My hair hung down around his face, tunnelling our vision so we could only look at each other. Our faces were only inches apart and suddenly my chest felt heavy. His eyes searched mine, I felt his breathing quicken, then there was that feeling, that feeling just before you jump. He opened his mouth slowly to speak.
"I have to go", I spluttered quickly moving faster than I had ever moved before.
I ran out of the bus, exhanging a hurried hello with Steve, and straight to my bus. Tears burned my eyes and I wrapped my arms around myself. I grabbed the handle on our bus door and swung it open, giving myself a moment to calm down before going in. I tiptoed up the hall checking each bunk, Ben was gone, Jack wasn't in around either, but Adam was snoring in his bed. I pulled back his curtain and climbed on top of him. He frowned in his sleep, I pulled my top off and bent forward my head over his, my hair around his head now. The same way it had been around Ryan's. I leant down and kissed his lips and jawline, I trailed kisses along his neck and collarbone. He moaned in his sleep and his eyes opened.
"Erin?", he asked.
"Mmhmm?", I replied kissing his chest and pulling the blanket down.
"What are you doing?".
"Turning you on hopefully".
I played with the band of his boxers, slipping my hand in and taking him in my hand. He groaned and took a deep breath.
"Erin stop", he breathed.
I ignored him and continued to get him hard, kissing his neck again, he gave in a little and his hands found my body, he began slipping my shorts down. Then stopped.
"I can't do this", he sighed putting his hands to his eyes.
"Why not?", I pouted, "since when do you not want to?".
"Since...Well since Lauren is coming", he said.
I sat up straight and frowned.
"Lauren is coming today, I can't do this...".
"You said!", I exclaimed, "you said you would pick me over that...that bitch!".
"Hey!", he snapped pushing me back, "she is not a bitch, she's my girlfriend".
"She's a bitch Adam", I said, "she hangs around acting like the fucking Queen Bee, bossing and preaching and fucking everyone's plans up!".
"You mean fucking your plans up", he said quietly.
I couldn't reply, I felt a terrible anger building up inside me. I got off him grabbed my tshirt and stormed out, just as I got to the door I noticed my satchel with a note stuck to it. Suprise!, it read. I opened it up, suprise indeed.

The End

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