Party PoisonMature

"Come on get up", Jack's voice rang in my head.
I tried to pull the blankets over my head but he grabbed them from me, I heard them fall to the floor.
"What the hell Jack?!", I exclaimed, a little too loudly.
"Get. Up.", he said slowly, "we've got things to do today and you're not holding us up".
"Piss off", I groaned putting my pillow over my face.
Suddenly I was dragged out of my bunk and thrown over someone's shoulder.
"WHAT THE FUCK?", I screamed.
"Shut up", Ben said as he carried me to the toilet.
I hit his back and kicked my legs, ignoring the searing pain in my head.
"This is invasion of my personal space!".
Ben laughed and put me down. Before I could get my balance I was pulled backwards into the shower by a half naked Adam.
"What is this!?", I yelled in confusion, "some kind of relay team?!".
Adam didn't answer just turned on the shower and pulled my pyjamas off. He hummed loudly as he scrubbed my body. I gave up struggling and let him do his assigned job.
"There is something really weird about this", I muttered.
"Not every girl is lucky enough to have a brother who lets her get naked with someone as sexy as me", he replied.
He reached behind me and switched the water off, he stepped out of the shower and handed me a towel. I wrapped it around me and sighed. My head was thumping, I couldn't remember how I had gotten back to the bus, or what I had been doing. I took a deep breath and began drying myself, wincing as I rubbed off bruises and scrapes, most of which I didn't know I had.
"Here", Adam said quietly handing me a sundress and underwear.
We dressed in silence. An uncomfortable silence, nothing like the old times. I pulled the dress over my head and tied my hair in a messy bun, staring in the mirror I barely recognised myself. Dark circles sat under my eyes which were blood shot, my skin was paler than usual, my lips dry and cracked.
"What's happening to me?", I asked Adam.
He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder, he kissed my neck gently and sighed.
"You're getting lost", he replied.

I spent the day doing what the record company wanted, with the album out in less than a week we had to do quick promotions around the area. First an interview, this time with a young girl who had won a competition to meet us, she was only a year or two younger than me but compared to my exhausted appearence she looked 5 years younger. I was instantly jealous of her youthful looks, her flawless skin and lively enthusiastic eyes. As per usual I stayed quiet allowing Jack to take the lead answering the girl's questions with equal enthusiasm. Following a few pictures and autographs we were off to a signing at a local record store, with hardly any time for a cigarette. It was a small indie shop, records covered the walls, there was little to no mainstream pop music, underneath in the basement was a tattoo shop, the smell of disenfectent wafted up the stairs, stinging my nostrils but in a familiar almost homely way. It reminded me of the place we hung out in before our dreams came true. The excited voices of the kids in our tshirts and hoodies and their flashing cameras were giving me more of a headache, combined with the constant smiling that was beginning to hurt my cheeks I was starting to feel uncomfortable. The shop finally emptied out and I felt like I had run a marathon. The guys continued to joke and play about, but I just wanted a drink, a cigarette and some pills. I didn't want to play happy families, I wanted to get the hell out of this place. But no, we weren't done yet, before I could get a cigarette in my mouth we were bundled back into a taxi and sent off to a radio station to be interviewed by a some guy with a ridiculous radio name. Phil the Thrill was the type of person I loathed, loud, obnoxious, in your face, thinks he knows everything about you, all hugs and high fives. I couldn't take my eyes off his equally annoying side burns as he rambled on, his words meant nothing to me they just meshed together until they were nothing but a buzzing in my ear. My mind drifted to when we got back to the bus, I didn't care if I felt too tired I was going to get wasted. I was going to spend time with ghost John, I was going to spend my night happy.

"Dude I am exhausted", Ben said flopping down on the couch and lighting a cigarette.
"It was long day", Adam agreed switching on the xbox and throwing Ben the second controller, "time to shoot some zombie byotches!".
I grabbed my satchel from my bunk as the guys got comfy and went to leave.
"Where are you going?", Jack called.
I closed my eyes and sighed.
"Out, Dad", I mocked him.
I continued walking towards the door, aware that Jack was following me down the bus.
"Erin", he said quietly taking my arm, "why don't you just stay here with us?".
"Because", I replied as calmly as possible, "I spent the day doing boring shit and now I want to have some fun".
"Seriously?", he frowned, "you're going to go drinking? Come back at God knows what hour in the morning and spend tomorrow being a moany bitch".
"Oh fuck you", I snapped pulling my arm away.
Jack rubbed his eyes with his finger and thumb and took a deep breath.
"We were all talking Erin and we're taking a stand now, you are not going out", he said firmly, his eyes serious behind his glasses.
"We? I didn't realise I had no choice", I huffed crossing my arms, "wait, who are "all" of you?".
"Me, Adam, Ben, Janey...".
"Janey?", I asked, "you've been talking to her?".
Jack sensed the anger in my voice, which had unintentionally gone up an octave.
"Just a bit, she thinks that we should....".
"We?! What are you some kind of fucking team now?", I shrieked, I threw my hands in the air, I couldn't take this crap anymore, "I'm going out now, don't follow me, and do not try to 'help' me".
I stormed out of the bus before he could speak, I lit a cigarette and kicked at some pebbles. I heard a car pulling up in the distance and some of the roadies having a bbq over the other side of the camp, no sound of Jack following me or calling my name, but someone was calling my name. I turned towards the voice.
"Oh my God!", I cried, "Olly!".
He ran towards me and spun me around in the air.
"What are you doing here?!", I asked when he put me down.
"We heard you were in the area, we were in the area, thought we'd call around", he smiled.
He turned and pointed towards a car, I saw his bandmates climb out, Bart and Howard carrying crates of beer and two rucksacks, which I hoped was full of all kinds of goodies, meaning vodka, whiskey, gin, some sort of drug, all the wicked things in the world that I loved the most.
"I know you never turn down a good party", Olly winked at me.
I smiled and nudged him.
"You know me too well".

The End

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