Where is the Line?Mature

Me and Janey were sitting on two fold out chairs in the sun. Our shorts and tshirts rolled back in an effort to somehow tan our unnaturally pale skin. I was happily puffing away on a cigarette as she flicked through a Kerrang! showing little interest in what was going on in it.
"Hey!", she suddenly said, "it's you guys".
I looked over and saw a small review article about our last show. I shrugged and went back to my cigarette.
"Are you not interested?", she said shocked.
"Why not?".
"Don't care".
"Well I do", she smiled, "Caufield's music is one of a kind...Oh that's good!...Their singer's, Erin Nolan, vocals have made leaps since their debut album 2 years ago. Along with their musical style and not to mention a legion of dedicated fans, this band are sure to have a fantastic year. A memorable show. You guys got 4 stars!".
She looked and me smiling.
"I don't care Janey", I repeated.
She closed the magazine and stopped smiling.
"What's wrong?", she asked.
She grabbed my sunglasses off my face and pulled my face towards her. For a tiny girl she had a lot of strength in those fingers.
"Tell me", she said sternly.
I looked into her blue eyes, noticing the tiny freckles spewed across her nose. I sighed and pulled my head away.
"Ok", I flicked my cigarette away, "I don't remember the after party last week".
She snorted and sat back.
"Shut up Janey, I'm not going to tell you if you're going to be a bitch", I snapped.
We sat looking at each other in silence. Until she silently agreed to be nice, she waved her hand for me to continue.
"Ok, well ever since Ryan has been really awkward around me", I continued, "I don't know if I did something to offend him and he hasn't said anything...I thought we were starting to be friends and I think I may have said something".
"Well I dunno", Janey shrugged, "maybe he's just weird?".
"He called around the morning after and wanted to talk but like...oh I don't know", I sighed looking away, "I'm just being paranoid I guess".
Janey smiled and went back to the magazine. Flicking casually through it. I let out a sigh of boredom. We had two days off, but I knew I wouldn't get away from Jack so I was stuck with everyone. I got up and stretched a bit, shaking out my arms and legs.
"What are you doing?", Janey asked cocking an eyebrow.
"Get ready", I answered bending down to unsuccessfully touch my toes.
"For what? It's a day off", she said confusion in her voice.
"For the race".
"We're going to have a race", I said in a matter-of-fact tone.
"Janey is that blonde getting to you?".
"Shut up, I like it".
"I'm going to organise a race...I'm bored", I dragged the bored part out before walking off to my bus.
I swung open the door and climbed in.
"Hellooooo", I called stumbling over a few empty cereal boxes.
Down the other end I heard voices chatting away. I walked towards them and saw all the guys cramped onto the couches silently watching Harry play on the xbox.
"Hey guys...", I started.
"SHUT UP!", they all bellowed.
I was taken back and stood watching them all watch Harry, with their mouths almost open.
"FUCK YEAH!", Harry suddenly shouted causing me to jump.
They all jumped up punching the air and cheering. I saw a few of them hug.
"Eh...", I tried to talk but they seemed to excited about whatever he had done to listen.
I let them get the cheering and shouting out of their systems before I stood on the couch and whistled. They all turned to look at me, smiles etched on all their faces.
"It's a lovely day out", I said with my hands on my hips, "and you're all inside playing a stupid...".
"Hold. Your. Tongue.", Jess said pointing at me, "this is not a "stupid" game, this is the greatest game on the planet. You will show it some respect".
I stared at him, unable to believe what I had just heard.
"Anyway", I said slowly, still staring at him, "I want to have a race".
"YEAH!", they all shouted collectively, before stampeding out of the bus, tripping over various bits and pieces.
I followed still in complete shock. As I stepped down Janey was standing up, our chairs knocked on the ground.
"They pushed me off my chair", she said, looking traumatised.
"It's ok Janey", I smiled putting my arm around her shoulder, "wanna come race?".
She sniffed and shrugged, clearly too disturbed to speak.

Janey decided not to take part in the race, but rather she stood at one end of the field where the audience usually stood. We were all lined up beside each other, each of us shaking with anticipation.
"This is ridiculous", Cal muttered, "it's just a race".
"It's not just a race", Adam said, "whoever wins gets...Erin do we win anything?".
I stood up straight and scratched my head.
"Eh...no...but...the last 3 have to...", I thought for a second then smiled, "ok the last three have to clean the buses".
Suddenly it got serious. We were all ready, watching each other from the corner of our eyes.
"READY!?", Janey yelled, "SET!".
I kicked off my shoes and smiled over at Adam.
"GO!", she screamed.
We took off, not before I managed to shove a shoe in front of Jess who went tripping into Ger dragging him to the ground. I laughed to myself as I ran ahead, before Ryan overtook me. Steve was soon by my side.
"Steve", I said loudly.
He looked over quickly before stumbling as I pulled my top up, flashing my bra. I smiled to myself.
"FUCK!", I heard someone yell, followed by the sound of them tripping over Steve.
3 down. Cal was up beside me, but struggling. I swerved to the side, hitting him like a football player. He slowed down, with Adam colliding into his back. I could see Ryan standing down by Janey, the two laughing. Suddenly Ben overtook me, laughing evilly as he went. I pushed my legs harder but he had beat me. I got to the finish line, gasping for breath. The rest followed, with Adam, Steve and Cal bringing up the rear.
"Losers!", Janey exclaimed laughing.
"That wasn't fair", Cal said pointing at me, "she is a cheater".

I was lying in my bunk, thinking about drinking. It wasn't 6 yet though, and I tried not to start before then. My curtain was pulled back and Adam poked his face in.
"Hey", I said smiling.
"Hey, can I get in?", he asked.
"Em", I look around me, "there's not a lot of room".
"Ok, well...ok I know I'm going to get in trouble cause Jack will be mad but...", he's head disappeared and when it came back it was joined by an arm, and a hand which was holding a bag, of weed,"I know we're not meant to encourage this but...it won't hurt right?".
I bit my lip and smiled, poor Adam.
"Nope won't hurt at all", I replied, "we can't smoke it in here though, it'll stink the place up".
"To the stage?", he suggested.
I rolled out of the bunk and the two of us set off towards the stage. Everyone was winding down, I could hear music coming from Hot Pink's bus and Janey's voice, beautiful and soothing. We climbed up onto the stage and sat on the edge looking out over the empty field. Adam rolled us our joints and lit them up, handing me one. We sat silently, inhaling the weed and eating the smoke out of the air. It was so silent up on the stage. Only the sound of our laughter echoed. Adam wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me against him. I turned to face him and got up on my knees. He smiled at me, goofy, cute grin. I ran my hands through his hair, before inhaling on my joint again. I smiled sadly at him, he was my best friend in the whole world. I kissed him on the lips gently, he kissed me back. We lay down on the stage and kissed, I felt like a teenager again just lying here, kissing Adam. No band, no drugs, no drink, just two teenagers doing a teenager thing.
"Oh sorry".
Perfect, another interruption. Nobody could do anything around here. I looked up and saw Ryan standing awkwardly at the top of the stage stairs.
"I didn't know anyone was up here", he said looking around awkwardly.
"Oh we're just smo...", Adam started, I elbowed him and sat up.
"We're just chilling", I smiled.
"I can smell the weed", Ryan replied with his signature smile.
"Want some?", Adam said quickly.
I looked sharply at him.
"What?", he asked shrugging.
"Ryan doesn't...".
"No thanks Adam", Ryan said he scratched his head, "I don't venture near that stuff anymore".
"Oh", Adam said slowly, "sorry".
"That's ok", Ryan replied, "well I'll leave you guys alone I guess".
He descended that steps, I groaned and lay on my back covering my eyes.
"What? I didn't know he didn't smoke weed", Adam said innocently.
"It's not that", I sighed, "don't you know anything?".
"Eh I'm not an obsessive fangirl", he said poking fun at me.
I sat up and glared at him. He was right though, I was one of those fangirls, well I had been.
"He used to be like an alcoholic and stuff", I said quietly.
"Like you", Adam said bluntly.
"Fuck off", I snapped.
I grabbed the bag and weed and stormed off the stage, wiping tears away as I went.

I was woken by someone shaking me lightly. I groaned and turned away, waving my hand at them.
"Erin", it was Adam, "wake up".
"Fuck off", I snapped.
"Let me in".
"Fuck off".
"Erin move over".
"Fuck off".
"I'm only little and I won't go until you let me in".
I groaned and rolled over to face him, he crawled in beside me, the two of us lay own sides facing each other.
"What?", I said, unable to keep the anger out of my voice.
"I'm sorry", he whispered, "I didn't mean to upset you".
"You called me an alchoholic", I spat.
I couldn't see him that well in the dark but I knew he was staring at me. I didn't want to fight with Adam, I was already arguing with Jack. But, I didn't want to continue this conversation.
"I'm tired", I said, resting my head down on my pillow.
He stayed there though and put his arm around me. I knew he would drop it, Adam wasn't the type to drag things out. I snuggled into his chest and listened to his heart steadily beating away. Until I fell into a deep sleep.

The End

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