To All the Crowded RoomsMature

I wandered back to the bar, my heart racing. No, we didn't share a moment, I kept telling myself over and over again, that didn't happen. He didn't look at you like that, you didn't even hide in that corner. It's all your imagination. I walked into the ladies which was empty, not suprisingly considering there was only about 15 women here, I walked into a stall and lock the door. I pulled my dress up and took a small plastic bag out of my underwear. In it were a few of my pills, I took two and swallowed. Then looked at the bag again, one more wouldn't hurt.

Ryan's POV

I stayed in the corner for a few minutes, knowing that following her would only make agitate her. I took a few deep breaths. She was sensitive right now, clearly troubled and clearly having problems, she didn't need me hanging out of her. I walked back to our booth, casually keeping an eye out for Erin. She wasn't in sight, but then again she seemed to have a knack of hiding from people she didn't want to be around. I flopped down at my booth opposite Steve who was sipping an extremely girly looking cocktail.
"Don't judge me man", he said before I could say anything, "this stuff is amazing".
"I'll take your word for it", I said crossing my arms and smiling.
Dave came over then sitting down beside me, he leant back putting his arms along the back of the couch.
"This is a great place", he said bopping his head to the music, "Rihanne is here by the way".
He punched me playfully on the shoulder and I smiled awkwardly.
"Aslong as she doesn't know I'm here everything will be fine", I laughed taking a drink from my coke.
Dave scratched his stubble, I could tell he was about to ask or say something, it was his nervous habit. Steve knew too, he was watching him suspiciously over his cocktail glass.
"So, if you don't want Rihanne to...", Dave started fidgeting with a beer mat.
"Go for it", I said shooing him, "just don't let her get too attached".
Dave beamed at me before practically running off towards the dance floor. I sighed and rubbed my eyes, suddenly feeling very tired.
"What's up?", Steve asked still sipping away.
"What is up?", he repeated, "I know there's something".
"Fine", I sighed, "just put the fucking glass down I can't take you seriously".
He placed it gently back on the table and leant forward.
"I had this moment", I said.

Erin's POV
The colours were great. I loved the colours. I had no shoes. I laughed. No shoes. I had some drink though. It tasted like a rainbow. I moved through the club. On a hunt. I laughed. Hunt for the smoking area. Found it. I sat on the ground. My feet felt wet. My ass felt wet. I tasted nicotine. Tasty.
"Hey", a voice echoed.
I turned around and saw Olly.
"Heeey", I echoed back.
"You're gonna get soaked down there", he said taking my hand and pulling me up.
My arms were around his neck.
"You ok?", he laughed.
"Fuck no", I was smiling.
I took his hat off. On my head. Lips were touching. Tongue. My back was against a wall. People were looking.
"Private", I managed to get out into his lips.
I was being pulled along. It was dark. Still cold and wet. Up against a wall. My legs felt cold. My feet were floating. I moaned. I laughed. Then I was moaning. I felt good. I felt great. I could hear Olly. Moaning my name. Echoing in my head.

Ryan's POV
I woke up in the hotel room. It was bright in the room, a change from the permantly shady bunks. I stretched and looked over to the clock. 9am. I sat up, rubbing my eyes and wiggling my toes. I had spotted Erin before we had left last night. She was dancing in the middle of the floor with that guy Olly, she was laughing, I  remembered her dress looking dirty and that she had no shoes. I didn't like seeing her like that, I knew she wasn't just drunk last night. I jumped into the shower still reliving what I had seen. I wondered if she even remembered our little moment. I felt stupid thinking about it. Nothing had happened, it's not like we kissed. I turned off the shower and got out looking at myself in the mirror.
"You should go see her", I said to myself sternly, "it would be stupid to ignore it".
I stared at myself for another bit, my hazel eyes staring back, forcing me to go.
"Ugh fine", I sighed.
I grabbed some clothes and towel dried my hair before leaving the room. I wandered down the hall, I knew she was on the same floor. Room...what room was it. I began to think I should just wait until I saw her later. But then I spotted it. It was a door with a big E drawn on it with permanent marker. I smiled a little, she knew how to get attention. I walked up to the door, suddenly feeling a lot less confident. Just as I raised my fist to knock the door opened.
"Oh", I said involuntarily.
"Oh!", she jumped a little.
Her hair was in a messy bun on the top of her head and she was wearing an oversized Ramones tshirt with some girl boxers.
"Hey", she smiled, "you ok?".
"I just wanted to talk to you...".
"Who's that?", came a guy's voice.
"It's Ryan", she called back, before rolling her eyes.
"Olly?", I said, a little too flatly.
"Yeah, can't get rid of him", she said.
Then it was awkward. We stood facing each other.
"Did you want something?", she asked.
"Oh...just to talk about something", I said feeling stupid.
"Did something happen to Jack!?", she exclaimed looking out into the hall.
"No!", I said quickly, "nothing happened. Look you're busy, I'll talk to you later".
I turned and began walking away, my face burning up.
"Ryan", she called.
I turned back.
"Are you sure you're ok?", she said with a concerned look.
"Yeah. I'll talk to you later", I said giving her a weak smile.
I began walking back to my room, she didn't remember.

Erin's POV
Olly had left a while, but I still hadn't left my room. Nobody had called in to me yet. Except Ryan, which worried me. It flattered me that he considered me a friend, enough to want to talk to me about something. But I wish I could remember the night. I pulled my Ramones top off and looked in the mirror. I had a nasty bruise on my ribs just above my tattoo. My feet were also filthy and my dress looked like I had rolled around in puddles. There was a knock at my door. I grabbed my dress and shoved it under the bed and put the tshirt back on.
"One second", I called checking my body quickly for anymore bruises.
Happy with what I saw I went over to the door and opened it.
"Jack", I said smiling, "what's up?".
He walked by me into the room looking around it.
"Good morning", I rolled my eyes and shut the door.
"Where's Olly?", he asked.
"Gone", I frowned, he usually didn't show any interest in boys.
He sat down on the edge of my bed and looked up at me. He looked exhausted. I sat down beside him and rested my head on his shoulder. We sat together in silence and he put his arm around me. I caught a glimpse of our reflection in the mirror, we had the same eyes, although his were behind glasses, the same grey eyes, the same chin and the same little ears. I smiled and laughed a little. I saw him smile too.
"Love you Jack", I said hugging him.
"Love you too Erin", he said resting his chin on my head.

The End

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