Anyone But HimMature

I threw myself down onto my bed in the hotel room. I rolled over onto my back and looked up at the ceiling, delighted that I was finally on my own. The feeling wasn't to last very long, soon there was a knock at my door. I sighed and walked over to it, looking through the peep hole. I saw Adam standing outside, humming to himself. I opened the door.
"What?", I said, "I can't be alone for 2 minutes!".
He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back, closing the door behind us.
"What do you want?".
He turned around and cocked an eyebrow.
"Seriously?", I said, not in the mood at all.
He wiggled his eyebrows.
"Can you not speak or something?".
"Pleeeease Erin!", he hopped from foot to foot.
I pulled my top over my head and he practically pounced on me. Suddenly my mood changed, his lips tasted like vodka and this made me kiss him rougher. He broke the kiss to pull his shirt off and we walked backwards to the bed, shuffling out of our trousers. We fell down, Adam got between my legs and kissed me hungrily, I could feel his bulge against my thigh. His hand travelled down my body and under my pants, I moaned loudly as he teased me making me want him more.
"Dear lord you are horny", he said into my lips.
"Can you actually have sex ever without talking?", I asked him wide eyed.
"I never talk!", he exclaimed.
"You always talk", I smiled.
He grinned and slipped a finger in me, causing me to moan and bite my lip. He kissed my neck and inserted another finger, making me arch my back.
"I want you so...".
"Sorry to disrupt this", a voice came from across the room.
We stopped suddenly, I strained my neck to see around Adam. He turned his head. Janey was standing in the room, her hand on her hip and a box under her other arm.
"Eh we're going to the awards show in an hour and a half remember?", she frowned.
Here's where me and Janey differed while she would frown on seeing her friends have sex, I would be perfectly happy for everyone to sleep with each other.
"We're meant to be getting ready", I said slowly.
Adam, realising his hand was still in my pants removed it quickly, smiling awkwardly at Janey. He grabbed his clothes and used them to cover the bulge in his boxers.
"I shall see you guys later", he said walking by her and smiling back at me.
He pointed at her and mouthed "uh-oh" before running out of the room. Janey placed the box on my dressing table.
"Seriously Erin?", she said, "you're here like two minutes".
"He came to me!", I exclaimed feeling like a guilty child.
"So you just let him get it whenever he wants?".
"Janey", I said calmly, "we're not going to get into this ok?".
She took a deep breath and nodded.
"What's in the box?", I asked sitting up, unashamedly in my underwear.
"Make-up, hair stuff", she said shrugging.

We didn't win any awards, we didn't expect to, our album hadn't even been officially launched. Hot Pink won Best Female Vocals with After Hours picking up Best Album. I was delighted for them both, but the ceremony was boring. It was the after party (with a free bar) I was looking forward to and when the time came for it I could barely hold back my excitement.
"Oh are we nearly there?", I squeeled in the company limo.
"Yup there it is", Ben replied pointing out the window.
I shuffled over to his side in my fifties style wiggle dress and looked at where he was pointing. I gasped as I saw a white club lit up by purple and blue beams, surrounding it were men in black suits and photographers. I saw loads of people I knew and recognised from various gigs and rock magazines getting out of cars and limos and walking into the building. I saw Jack looking too, he looked nervous. I smiled back at him and he returned the smile. As Adam and Ben got out of the limo, Jack held me back.
"Erin", he said to me sternly, "please don't go overboard".
"I'm not going to", I snapped, I couldn't help it anymore, "stop fucking trying to control me".
I pulled my arm out of his grasp and followed Adam and Ben. All four of us posed for some photos before going into the building. The interior was amazing, it looked like an ice palace. The walls were silver and white along with the tables and chairs, all the fabrics were purple, from the carpet to the leather couches. I hugged Adam and waved over to Janey who was busy chatting to some guy who looked about 12.
"Let's go get some seats", Adam said loudly.
We followed him through people, saying hello to some of them along the way. I always felt weird at these things, all these people who kind of knew you from pictures and interviews, and people you only knew from the same things. There were also always very few girls, which is what came with the job. Adam found us a booth in a quieter part of the club, that also happened to be beside where After Hours had claimed. We all greeted each other, congratulating them on their award. I couldn't help but notice the stares they were trying to hide.
"Yes", I said to them, "I'm in a dress".
Harry hopped up, always the happiest, and gave me a hug.
"You look awesome", he said smiling, then he turned to the rest of them, "doesn't she guys?".
"Yes!", they all chorused, maybe it was my imagination but Ryan's gaze lingered a bit longer than the rest.
"I'm going to go to the bar", I said to Adam.
I walked away from them, aware that Jack's worried expression was burning into my back. I pushed through the crowd before arriving at the bar.
"Can I get a JD", I leaned over to the barman, "no ice".
I leant my arms on the bar, bopping my head with the music.
"I like a girl who can handle her drink".
I turned around and saw an extremely familiar face.
"Oh my god!", I shrieked, "Olly!".
I gave him a huge hug before standing back to take a look at him, he was a broad guy with thick arms, heavily tattoo'd with messy black hair he always hid under a fedora.
"You look great", I smiled.
"So do you", he replied,"I didn't see you at the awards".
"We hid down the back".
"Ah that's why", he nodded smiling.
"How have you been?", I asked as the barman handed me my drink.
"Great, we're recording again", he said before looking off to the side, "ah shit, I got to go help Bart out, always with the trouble is Bart".
I laughed and nodded in agreement.
"I'll see you later yeah?", he said pointing at me.
"Of course".
He gave me a thumbs up and ran off to drag Bart away from one of the bouncers. I leant back against the bar and smiled to myself. I was in a crowd, but I was finally alone.

I was swaying a bit, I knew I was. But I was perfectly happy to stand at the bar swaying a little, nobody had come to find me which made me happy. The less Jack was hovering around me the better. I finished another Black Velvet and watched the barman work away.
"Alright?", came another familiar voice, one I didn't want to hear.
I rolled my eyes and took a breath before turning around to face Iain, my nightmare. His London accent was unforgettable (not because it was a lovely accent but because he annoyed me so much with it).
"Hi", I said briefly, the minute I spoke I felt the alcohol hit me.
"'Ow 'ave you been?", he asked, I was aware of his eyes resting on my chest.
"Miss me?", he smirked cockily.
"Not really", I said looking around.
He laughed and stepped closer to me, I moved back at tiny bit, I looked at his stupid long fringe and the messy back of his blonde hair and sneered a little.
"What do you say about getting out of 'ere?", he said looking me up and down.
"Really? You're that full of yourself?", I frowned.
He reached his hand out to put on my waist and I pulled back.
"You're such a tease", he said biting his lip.
"Fuck off please, I don't need this shit in my life... you are a total fucking sleaze...", I drunkingly pointed at him.
"Hey what's going on?", an arm snaked around my waist but before I could retaliate Iain let me know who it was.
"Ryan Long", he said slowly, "eh..nothing we're just...".
"You ok babe?", Ryan asked me pulling me closer.
"Yes?...Yeah fine", I replied smiling up at him, pretending not to be confused.
"Cool, you wanna come get some air? It's pretty hot in here", Ryan said winking.
"Sure, sorry Iain about the thing...anyway have a good night", I said giving a small wave as Ryan steered me towards the back of the club.
"You ok?", he said to me, I noticed he hadn't removed his arm.
"He's just a dick", I said rolling my eyes, I stumbled a little.
"Careful", Ryan said holding me up.
"Thank you", I said laughing, "thank you for saving me baaaabe".
"You looked like you needed saving".
"Hey!", I stopped pointing at him, "I can look after myself".
"I know", he smiled and we started walking again.
"I like your smile", I decided to tell him wobbling a bit, "it's not a teethy smile".
"A teethy...".
I smiled up at him bearing all my teeth, he laughed.
"It's a mean it when you smile", I said struggling to find the words.
"You genius. Stop!", I held my hand up and we stopped suddenly, I saw Jack in the distance he looked in my direction and began walking towards me, "run!".
I pulled Ryan along by his hand, unsteadily running.
"What are you doing?", he asked.
"We have to hide", I said seriously.
I pulled him into a corner and giggled.
"Sssh", I said.
"I'm not talkin...", he began.
I put a finger to his lips and smiled.
"Sssh", I repeated.
We were close in the corner, I saw Jack wander by and let out a sigh of relief, but I couldn't move, I didn't want to move more to the point. Our bodies were pressed right up against one another. I could feel my heart beating faster, I was hoping he couldn't. He took my finger and lowered it, holding my hand against his chest. He heart was beating quickly. I swallowed and looked up at him, his eyes were shining down at me, time seemed to slow down, all the background noise went quiet. I wanted to kiss him. Right there and then, just kiss him.
"I have to go back", I said suddenly.
I pulled my hand away from him and walked away. Feeling my face burn up as I did. What the hell was I thinking? I could not fall for another rockstar.

The End

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