I decided I would put here who was in what band so I don't have to be reminding!
Erin, Jack, Ben, Adam - Caufield
Janey, Lee, Jess, Cal - Hot Pink
Ryan, Steve, Harry, Gar, Dave - After Hours
The other bands don't play much of a role!


Screaming, that's all I could hear as I walked out onto the stage that night. I smiled and waved out to everyone before grabbing the microphone. My head was spinning, a typical feature of a performance. The bass kicked in, closely followed by the drums as I leant my head back and closed my eyes. Screaming in my ears, music in my ears, system well liqoured, I had my shots lined up, one for each song, I opened my mouth and the show began.

We ran down the steps behind the stage, feeling more energised than before.
"That was amazing!", Jack exclaimed, pushing his glasses back up his nose.
"They were a fuckin' amazing crowd", Adam said breathless.
I skipped around the three guys, smiling from ear to ear. Hot Pink were waiting near the band entrance, Janey jumping up and down excitedly. We all ran to each other and hugged, jumping around like children.
"You guys were great!", Lee said.
"You guys were great!", I replied.
"Seriously though you sounded tight", Janey said smiling.
"What you trying to say? We're usually shit?", Ben pretended to be offended.
"Exactly!", Jess laughed.
"What are we doing tonight?", Adam asked lighting a cigarette.
"We were gonna watch After Hours?", Janey said looking to the others who nodded.
"Yes!", I shrieked, "I'm doing that!".
We made our way back towards the stage, where we could hear the crowd screaming again as After Hours took to the stage. We watched from the sides as they jumped around, feeding off each other's energy. I was in awe, this band glowed. Ryan was a completely unique, he was a different kind of front man. I wanted to be like him, well the girl version of him. I wanted to feed off his energy. I shook my head a little, my thoughts going somewhere I didn't want to go.

The show was over far too soon, the kids in the crowd trooped away, leaving behind them a field littered with cans, food packaging, cigarette butts, signs that read 'I LOVE YOU'. We decided we would have our midnight dinner there, in the middle of the field, lit up by a flood light. We pulled picnic tables and folding chairs around and sat back as Dave and Ryan threw food on the barbeque. The cameras were out capturing the pictures of our first real night on tour.
"I could definately do this forever", Lee sighed running his hand through his shaggy blonde hair.
"Dude it's been one day", Cal said smiling.
"Yeah but this tour is better than any of the others", Lee continued opening a beer.
"It's still only been one day!".
"It's only better cause we're here", Ben winked.
Dave brought over a platter of food and placed it on the table.
"You'll get sick of these tours believe me", he told the guys laughing, "wait till the buses get stinky and everyone moves into yours".
"You'll also get sick of seeing the same faces over and over again", Harry added from the other side of the table.
"Thanks guys...loving the positivity", Lee huffed grabbing a burger.
I was watching from a distance as everyone tucked into their food, I wasn't particularly hungry, I just wanted to relax. Watching the others laugh together felt surreal. Being back in this business felt surreal. I took a long drag of my cigarette and a sip of my drink, reliving the earlier show. Jack sat down beside me and smiled.
"What?", I asked suspiciously.
"How are...".
"Fine Jack!", I replied a little louder than expected.
"Ok", he said quietly.
We sat in silence, he scratched his head and looked into space as I watched him in the corner of my eye. He sighed and rubbed his eyes.
"What do you want me to do?", I asked rolling my eyes.
He looked at me with pained eyes before reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a container of pills. I grabbed it and hid it, looking around to see if anyone had seen it.
"I took them already today", I hissed.
"No you didn't", he replied calmly.
I felt my cheeks get warm, I opened the little tub and popped two of the pills in my mouth.
"There", I said before handing the container back.
"Stick your tongue out", Jack ordered.
"You heard".
"Are you...".
I stuck my tongue out and let him inspect my mouth before shutting it and pouting like a child. I raised the beer to my mouth before he snatched it from me.
"Jack!", I exclaimed.
"You know the rules Erin", he said sternly pouring the beer on the ground.
"For fuck sake Jack, you're not my fucking babysitter...where are you going?".
He had gotten up from his seat and was walking away back towards everyone else. I sighed before reaching down to the ground and picking up another bottle and opening it.
"Jackass", I muttered.

The End

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