Hangover SongMature

The bar was full of people, all listening to heavy rock which was blaring out of a jukebox in at the bar. Adam and I pushed through people looking for someone familiar. He grabbed my hand so he didn't lose me and pulled me towards a section at the back which had been taped off with 'reserved' signs. He waved and I saw Janey wave back. I instantly dropped his hand and ran to her, giving her a bear hug and squeeling.
"I've missed you so much", she said as we swayed side to side.
Over her shoulder I saw the rest of Hot Pink, Lee, Jess and Cal. They smiled and waved to me. Around us were more guys, some I sort of recognised from Spoon, some I didn't recognise from Anthology of Drama and then, the ones I recognised from having posters plastered all over my wall.
"Can't believe that's After Hours", I whispered to her.
"I know!", she said with wide eyes.
I sat down with the rest of them and starting chatting. Ben appeared with a two barmaids both of whom had trays full of drink. Everybody cheered, except Janey who rolled her eyes and smiled, sipping her coke.
"How have you been?", she said to me loudly so I could hear her over the music.
"Fine", I said shrugging taking a sip of something that burned my throat, "Jesus that's strong".
She frowned at me and took my hand.
"Really? You're fine?", she said.
"Yes...I just need some sex", I smiled.
"What?", she shouted.
"I said...I JUST NEED SOME SEX!", I yelled in reply, then blushed as the music had quietened.
All the guys looked at me. Jack holding his face in his hands and shaking his head.
"Sorry", I smiled awkwardly, I took a big mouthful of my drink, "well that was a great introduction".
Janey laughed and hugged me again. Another tray of drinks was put down on the table, it was going to be a great night.

I was sitting on the pavement outside having a smoke when I heard the voice.
I turned around, swaying a little on the curb, and saw Ryan Long, the singer of After Hours lighting up a cigarette.
"Hello", I replied trying not to smile like a freak.
"How are you?", he asked grinning.
"I'm fine, I'm just...having one of these", I said waving my cigarette around.
He laughed a little as he inhaled on his. I felt myself blush, I was drunk and I knew I was embarrassing myself. Here I was standing opposite my idol, who was beautiful. His messy chin length black hair and green eyes were perfect.
"I'm 19", I said suddenly, immediately after I was confused as to why I had.
"I'm 23", he replied smiling.
I melted, he was beautiful! We smoked in silence, while I contemplated staying there until he left so I wouldn't have to face the embarrassment of potentially falling over on top of him, but I needed to pee.
"I don't know why I said that", I said, picking up my bottle and stumbling to my feet.
He reached out to steady me.
"It's fine, I'm practiced", I smiled.
"You're practiced?".
"I have perfected the art that is being drunk, I will not fall over tonight my friend", I replied wagging my finger.
"Ok", he laughed, "see you later".
"See you alligator", I said walking back into the bar.
I bought another drink and walked back towards everyone else. I flopped down beside Ben.
"I just called Ryan Long an alligator...I think", I said taking a drink.
"Dude", Ben replied shaking his head.
"I know!", I exclaimed, "ugh I forgot...I have to pee".
"Dude", Ben repeated, shaking his head once again.
"You are a nice man", I said patting his head of red hair, "and a good friend".

"It's time to get up!", came a voice from the kitchen.
Someone was in our bus, someone was running around singing in our tour bus, someone was not respected the serious headache I had. I kept my eyes shut and pulled my blanket over my head.
"Come on!", the voice sang.
It was Janey, damn non-drinker. I groaned as she pulled back my curtain, then my blanket. The light stung my eyes.
"Fuck sake!", I excalimed.
"Hey!", she snapped, sounding like my Mom, "get up, everyone else is up, we need to start soundchecks".
I squinted at her and groaned.
"Come on", she pulled my feet out of the bunk and went off, I heard her talking to someone outside.
I rolled out before someone else came in to annoy me. I looked in the mirror. I looked bad, bags under my eyes, my hair was tangled. I brushed my teeth and tied my hair up before going out side in my pyjamas, I grabbed my sunglasses before I stepped out into the sun and lit up a cigarette.
"There she is!", someone exclaimed.
I flipped them off, I didn't care who it was.
"I need coffee", I said hoarsely.
I sat down beside the rest of the band at a picnic table and rubbed my head.
"Good night?", Adam laughed.
"It must have been", I replied, "I can't remember any of it".
"Well that's why we have cameras", he said.
He shuffled over beside me with his camera.
"Here's you on the table, on the bar, kissing the bar man..."
I groaned and lit another cigarette.
"You and Lee arm wrestling, you and Fred dancing..".
"Who is Fred?", I asked.
"Guy from Anthology of Drama", Adam said, "you telling Gar about STIs, you telling Steve about STIs, you crying to Janey about STIs, you telling Ryan about...".
"I didn't mention STIs did I?!", I exclaimed grabbing the camera as if it was making Adam tell me things.
"No, you were telling him about...you know, stuff", he said awkwardly.
I was relieved, but terrified at the same time. I barely knew the guy, I couldn't go around telling people things.
"Hey, we're doing our sound check in 15 minutes", Jack said looking up from the blue folder Rich had given us.
"What? What time is it?", I asked.
"It's 1 o'clock", Jack replied.
"Fuck my life".

I loved performing. I even loved sound check, I loved hearing music, especially music me and my best friends had written. It was the greatest feeling in the world. It is the greatest feeling in the world. Everything was better when there was music, everything was good, everyone was sexy, nothing could go wrong, even if the weather was awful, or if the crowd were boring. It didn't matter.

After soundcheck I was hanging around the back of the stage on my own, I didn't know where anybody else was. The show was starting in half an hour but we wouldn't be on until 8pm. Which was over 3 hours away. I watched the roadies and techies busy themselves with getting everything perfect, the band's setlists were taped up. I read After Hours', I knew every single one of their songs. Our band was inspired by them in so many ways.
"Hey! There you are".
I saw Jack walking over, looking slightly concerned, his glasses slipping down his nose.
"Where did you think I was?", I asked.
"Dunno", he shrugged, "you ok?".
"Yes", I snapped, "everyone keeps asking me! I'm fiiiiine".
"Ok ok!", he said wrapping his arm around my shoulder and leading me back towards the busses, "I just worry, you're my little sis yknow".
"How could I forget?", I said rolling my eyes.
I could see Spoon, Hot Pink, After Hours and the rest of our guys sitting around a barbeque. Anthology of Drama had gone to the stage. The smell of the burgers hit me and I realised how hungry I was. I sat down beside Janey and took a beer.
"I'm staaarving", I said leaning my head on her shoulder.
"I hear Adam wants a mohawk", Lee said to me.
"It's gonna be amazing!", Adam said from the steps of our bus.
"Or fugly!", Lee responded.
"Wanna fight about it?", Adam replied putting his fists up.
"Yeah, yeah I do", Lee grinned.
The two began wrestling on the dirt ground.
"This is probably horrible for you guys", Janey said to Steve from After Hours, "hanging out with kids".
"We're not that old now!", he said smiling.
"You probably feel like our babysitters", I said taking a swig from the can.
"Some babysitters", one of the guys from Spoon said.
"Preeeetty irresponsible, considering you're only...19 is it?", Steve added looking over to Ryan at the barbeque.
I blushed behind the can. Remembering our brief but clearly memorable conversation.
"Drinking age in Canada", I replied.
"We're not in Canada dear", he said grinning, "I'm only joking, get pissed. Maybe we'll get to be as lucky as that barman".
"Leave her alone Steve", Ryan called over.
I blushed a deeper shade of red and smiled.
"I'm just gonna run into my bunk for a minute", I said getting up.
I walked to our bus, when I got into it I ran to the miniture bathroom and locked the door. I slid down the door and started breathing heavily, feeling a panic attack coming along. I stood up and looked in the mirror, my face was still red.
"You're fine", I told myself.
"Erin?", Adam said from the other side of the door.
I unlocked it and he came in locking it behind him. There was barely room for the two of us in the tiny shower room.
"Are you ok?", he asked.
I wanted to say yes, but my chin had started wobbling. I felt the tears coming along. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close as I cried into his chest. He stroked my hair and kissed the top of my head.
"I miss him so much", I sobbed.
Adam pushed me back a little and looked into my eyes.
"You don't Erin", he said sternly, "remember, you're strong. You don't need to miss him".
I nodded and sniffed.
"I'm nervous", I whispered, "about performing, it's been ages".
"We're all nervous".
It had been over 2 years since we had performed, this was our first concert for the new album, the first concert we had done in a long time, our first comeback.
"Yes", he said removing his tshirt.
"How did you...".
"I know you too well", he grinned.
I skimmed my eyes over his chest and his tattoos, before wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him with such force he was knocked back. He pulled my top over my head kissed my neck and chest. I moaned quietly as he kissed down my stomach and unbuttoned my jeans pulling them down and kissing my legs. He unbuttoned his own jeans and dropped his boxers as I tried took my underwear off and tried to figure out the easiest way to do this is such a small room.
"Stop", he laughed,"stop over thinking".

I kissed him again and ran my fingers through his hair, I wanted him inside me and I moaned as he grinded up against me, I turned my back to him and bent over as he kissed my shoulders, I could feel him hard against my ass, he spread my legs and pushed into me, holding onto my hips.

"Oh God", I moaned holding onto the sink, feeling him go deeper into me.He moved in and out of me, and I moaned louder and louder, feeling all my nerves wash away with the pleasure. I could feel myself tighten around him, his moans turning me on even more.
 "I want you to come", he moaned.
"Sit down", I said.
He moved back looked at the toilet.
"This is nasty, Ben got sit in this last night", he said.
"Put the lid down!", I pointed out.
He flipped it down and I straddled him. I guided him into me and started to ride him, our bodies pressed against each other. Moaning into each others lips. His hands travelled around my body finding their way to my breasts.
"Adam", I moaned, "I'm gonna come".
"Me too", he replied closing his eyes.
We came together, we didn't move for a while, just stayed, I kissed his shoulder before standing up and redressing. He smiled at me as I threw him his clothes.
"We're weird", he said putting his tshirt back on.
"Wouldn't have it any other way", I replied.
"You ok?", he asked standing up.
"I hate those two words", I sighed.
"I'm sorry, come on we better go out".
"As if they don't know what we're doing", I rolled my eyes and walked out of the toilet.

The End

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