And to end

‘So, Skul, detailed enough for you?’

‘Fine, it’s fine.’

‘I worked hard on that. We’ll have to take out some pieces – I don’t want everyone knowing some of those facts.’

‘I know. But then it can be published.’

‘Whatever. Just keep this copy safe, in the library next to my secret study, down in the Alphabet Maze. It’d be a nice lookout if Zaldin found out about some of this, especially the part about my foes and the fact that my apprentices can die – I’m not sure, but I don’t think he knows that yet, he never targets the mages. Just keep it safe.’

With that, the author of the manuscript turned her back and vanished in a cloud of black fur and emerald eyes. Skul looked back over the document, and wandered off, inwardly betting his cousin already had the censored version somewhere. She wasn’t the kind to come back without finishing the job completely. It would be out by summer, that he was sure of. She might not like electricity, but printing presses were a wonder.

The End

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