The Beginning

‘It is at my cousin’s request I put quill to parchment to inform the world of some – not all – of the secrets of Fexil Plateau. Some will be kept in trust by the people here, others are too dangerous to even contemplate telling. The full version of this manuscript will reside in the library in the Alphabet Maze (my design, I’m sure you know). Good luck finding it, or even getting there. I do not advise you to try. The password to the maze alone is difficult, but the maze itself is full of traps for the unwary, and only a few of the rooms to the sides are, in truth, real. Illusion is my art, is it not?

First, my own Tor. I finished building this in -95371 CHE, after moving up to my plateau in -96187 CHE, and completing the bubble that protects it, even unto this very day. The Tor changes to suit my needs, for many centuries I had no idea that humanity even existed, and spent most of my time either ethereal, or as a rather large, black version of one of the creatures I created, a cat. Of course, I modified the fore- and hind-paws into something I could use to grasp a little better. My bed was of the softest living foliage, and I had no kitchen (for I do not require sustenance) and no study. The Tor was simply a rather large, peculiarly shaped rock, then, that I happened to live in, so building is in the loosest sense – in fact, I made it rise up as a single block in exactly the shape I wanted.

Until -1970 CHE, I lived alone in my Tor, working on my magical experiments and generally enjoying life among my creatures. I had explored all the caverns of my home, filled it with forests, fields and animals, even snow plains far to the north, and to put it bluntly, I was rather bored. For nearly 90,000 years, nothing of importance had happened to me whatsoever. Skulsvar had told me of these ‘humans’ and I was mildly curious. This became curious and annoyed when a human man climbed onto my plateau. He was walking towards my Tor! My Tor! I was furious that he come here, didn’t he know this was a goddess’s home? He even killed a rabbit, once, to satisfy his hunger. Why not eat from the bushes? They bore fruit, and were willing. I sent my thought out and punished him for that.

To cut a long story very short indeed, I looked into his mind, saw what human females looked like and duplicated it to my liking. I picked out pictures of human stone buildings and modified my Tor, breaking up the block into stones, and adding rugs, tables and chairs, ornaments and fireplaces to my home. The concept of a chimney gave me some trouble, I remember. Slate tiles were also strange to me. Why not just put another, bigger block on top? I found out later it just wasn’t practical.

The End

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