Tour at the Tor

A brief historical work covering the Fexil Plateau on Haklair from the viewpoint of the goddess living there, Sarunara, the Silver Hakala.

‘Hey, Sa. I just thought of something. Why don’t you write down somewhere about you plateau. I know you love it, but most Hakalas, let’s face it, aren’t going to go there. The stories grow and grow in the telling. It’s better if you tell them about all the important places before they get a garbled version from some idiot merchant.’

‘You know, Skul, that’s actually a great idea. Maybe you should apply that big brain of yours to electric lighting that actually makes sense.’

‘Well? Will you?’

‘I suppose I’ve got the time. It’s pretty quiet on the espionage front right now, since Edward and Mortimer cleaned up at that old manor. Honestly, drugs and government secrets in one place. But they never managed to get a paw in my agency, thank goodness.’

‘Great. I hope it goes well. Can I do anything to help?’

‘Get out. There’s no time like the present.'

The End

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