Watching from a distance.

Standing in the rain.

I saw you for an instance

Then you went away again.


My heart was saying yes

And my feet were saying go.

My head knew what was best

And that was to say no.


I walked on through the alleyway

And followed you through the town.

You led me to your hideaway

As the rain came pelting down.


You started to touch me softly

And fondle up my legs.

Your fingers entered boldly

And my moans were more like begs.


It was growing hard beneath my touch

As I groaned with pleasure.

It entered in, a rabbit in it's hutch

But I began to waiver.


This felt wrong, it was too strange

That we were here together.

I ran outside from our weird exchange

As I sensed the danger.


You caught my wrist and slapped my face,

I was forced against a wall.

I struggled but you sped your pace

And dirtied me once and for all.


I screamed for help but no one heard

You laughed and beat me harder.

I retched and gagged, my vision blurred

As I passed out in my terror.


Nine months on he came to me

A child from my mistake.

My bastard child who made me see

That my heart I did break.






The End

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