Allowing myself to float to take advantage of my relationship with the elements, to become a part of the sea.. I floated like so much flotsam..  Rolling along with the softly undulating waves, I float without sound, without sight.

There is no destination, just a desire for freedom, a desire to live in peace, a desire to be left alone.  I think about the power, and I feel cursed but, I am scolded because, it is a gift.

Treading water I see the little island, I swim around it once, twice, three times to make sure there is no one there.  I stay in my liquid sanctuary for the first night.  The second night, I don't sleep, I watch.

Night three, I venture onto the shore.. this will be my home.  I climbed the tall coconut palm.. Sat on a frond and watched.

I needed to be sure, with earths population growing each day, secluded and uncharted territory was scarce.  Laying my head back against the trunk I closed my eyes.  The night the man arrived entered my thoughts, I wondered what had been different about that night..  I remember  before that night, I had felt unsettled, I had felt charged, as if all things had come alive but, not in a good way.

What had I seen in those eyes?  Why hadn't I just let him die? What message did they try to reveal...  There was something, I read it but, I couldn't remember.. Time for rest..  I was tired.

Another day, tomorrow.

The End

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