I Must be Free

Did I wish to break the cycle of ignorance or, did I wish to break the chains?

I decided on the first option.  Maybe, just maybe there was someone to listen.  They were going to get one of their higher ups.  I hoped this meant intelligence. You see, I was born with the power to heal.  My basic instinct is to help, to soothe, to calm, to heal, to prevent death.  That is the only way, I have used my power.

When the man walked in I knew, I saw the look in his eyes, I read the unasked questions, I saw the fear.  It made me tired, it made me ill, it made me feel something so foreign to me.. hate, yes, hate.   Hadn't I healed the man.  That thought made me angry, I'd allowed one moment of weakness.. His eyes.

And now this man stood in front of me,   the "Higher Up" and threatened to shackle me to an electric chair.. All because of a Touch.

Should they be afraid? YES...

I pulled in my thoughts, closing off the sounds in the room, closing out the man with the threats.  I concentrated energy on the chains.  They watched as the chains burned red hot.  They melted away, running along the tiles in the floor. I heard the hammers being cocked, I closed my eyes..  I MUST BE FREE!!!!!! It was a banshee scream, it drew blood from the ears, it caused collapse.  I opened my eyes.  I felt no pity for them, they lay in heaps, some still writhing. 

I could have touched them.  I could have soothed them, I could have prevented death.. with just one Touch.

The End

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