The ability to heal.. and the inability to understand...

It had been raining for six months now, I didn't really mind.  I believe this was gods' way of cleansing the earth, making all things new.  I watched the ocean rise and fall, the waves plummet and lift.  Palm trees outside my door looked like big umbrellas, water dripped or ran from their fronds.  Closing the curtain, I picked up my book, pulled the candle closer to my chair and, settled back in for the duration.

The "duration", my "duration".. How long would it be.. there was the million dollar question.  I have been here for almost five years now.  Self imposed exile, either that or forced imprisonment.

Man was a naturally curious beast, that was fine for progress, but it wasn't good for differences.  I had been probed and prodded, used abused, forced to submit.  Many times I had wished myself dead, many times I had fought but, no relief for  me. 

They claimed to desire knowledge still, they could not, would not tolerate anything different, anything they could not tame, anything that would not conform.  And I did not conform though, I did cooperate, I could not be tamed though, I did not attack..  I had been willing to teach, willing to be put on display, for the good of my fellow man but, they wanted ultimate control.. that was not an option...
So I went away, I channeled the energy needed and I found refuge on a mound of earth, miles away from any and all things...  I had fashioned my sanctuary after the fauna and flora of the island, so, if flown over, it simply looked like more trees and growth from the earth.

I heard something, a crash... I rose from my chair and peeped out the window..

He lay in the sand, next to him pieces of what I will presume were parts of a ship,  There was a gash across his forehead and holes in the white shirt which clung to him,  I could see crimson stains.. (sigh)  My mind screamed.. just let him die but, my inherent instinct...

I only did enough to make him comfortable, I pondered the thought of how I would feel if I let him die.. and he was dying.. someone had put metal in him, eight times, his life blood leaked from these holes.. he opened his eyes.. they were like an ocean, they were like a book, they told stories and pulled me into them.. he didn't want to die, I knew that, the questions his eyes asked...  I sat there and stared into the soul of him, for a moment.  Then he resigned himself, he gave himself over, somewhere in his mind, he'd decided to accept it, he smiled slightly.. curious..
I reached over him, I drew breath into my lungs.. I closed my eyes and called on the power of the earth, I wanted fire, water, wind, all the elements.. I placed my hands on his chest... I touched him..

So here I am, my sanctuary breached, I sat in chains simply because they didn't understand, simply because they wanted to control, simply because they were selfish, greedy and amoral..
Simply because of a touch..

The End

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