Total Eclipse Of The Heart

South African Immigrant, Gracie, moves to the Uk to be with her family. She is barely over her ex boyfriend, Joe, when she falls for the Associate Youth Pastor, Luke, at her new church. Their love of music and ministering to children draw them together, and just when their relationship reaches new heights, something happens that changes their views of each other and who they are as individuals. Only God can heal the wounds that separate them. But will their love endure what lays ahead?

'You are only a heartbeat away...' 

"Urg!" Gracie grumbled, as she quickly turned off her mp3 player. 

"I don't need any more love songs running through my head, thank you very much! I don't need any reminders that, the former love of my life, has broken my heart!," She gave herself a pep talk, as she entered the church building. 

Searching urgently for her sister or her Mom,  Gracie scanned the room, uneasiness sweeping through her body, as nervousness took over. She never liked being in a room of strangers, there had to be someone there that she knew!

Familiar arms embraced her and a sense of peace enveloped her, as she fell in her Mother's embrace. "There are so many people who I want you to meet, but, most importantly, I am so happy you are finally here!" Gwen gushed, complete happiness etched on her weathered face. 

"Mom! You saw me this morning! I just had a few things to finish before heading over here," Gracie shook her head, laughing.

"I know! But, you must know how excited I am to have all my girls here for good, together at last!"

"Yes, Mom," Gracie grinned, and gave a little screech, as someone caught her in a surprise embrace. "Savannah! You mad hatter! You know I scare easily," She gigged, as she returned her older sister's affectionate embrace. With her raven locks resting on her slim shoulders, with her hazel green eyes sparkling with excitement, Savannah could have been a model. 

"Gracie, honey, your hair is getting so long!" Savannah stroked the soft chocolate mass, as her eyes met Gracie's emerald ones. "It's good to see you too, Sistah, although I am sure I saw you last night," Gracie chuckled, shaking her head in amusement. "Oh, right! Must've slipped my mind. Oh well!" Savannah answered, her carefree attitude very refreshing after her recent breakup.

The opening bars of the first worship song starts to play and Gwen grabs both her daughters' hands as she exclaimed," Oh dear, church is starting, let's go!"


The End

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