Total Eclipse of the Heart

A young japanese orphan girl, Halo Starway, has been corrupted of one emotion during her life time: Love. Not knowing it's meaning or origin, she turns to one of her 'frenemies', Dreamer Moonlight, thinking being older with more life experience, he would be able to answer her.

             Ever since Halo watched ‘Twilight, she had one question on her mind.


Throughout the whole movie about a forbidden relationship between a vampire and a human, it was stuck in her head and kept repeating itself over and over and over again. They said that word so many times, like they were chatting casually about what each other’s day had been like, but Halo was confused.


What was this thing called ‘love’?


Halo had never once in her life experienced ‘love’. She even looked it up in the dictionary, and watched the scenes that they said that word a few times until she would eventually fall asleep. But yet she could find no rational explanation to answer this question.

Halo rubbed her temples in an attempt to think harder about this feeling. She had heard the word used by the other kids at the orphanage many times before, but usually someone ended up getting upset or hurt soon after the word was said.

Was it an insult?

No, she would have known if it was an insult, because then Dreamer would’ve used it on her. Dreamer had used every insult known in the universe on Halo, but he had never once used that word: Love. Dreamer will have to know what love is, Halo thought, Dreamer has too many emotions, so he must have had experienced this ‘love’ before, right? Even if he hadn’t used it on Halo, Dreamer felt more emotions in a day than Halo felt in her whole life.

And so, Halo found herself dragging herself down the hallway with a shuffle shuffle of her socked feet on the carpet and at Dreamer’s door thereafter. Gently, and almost cautiously, she tapped her knuckles on the bedroom door.

In an instant, the door swung open and there stood Dreamer in all his black and white glory, leaning against the door by propping it with his elbow. “What do you want, Halo?!” Dreamer sounded beyond ‘ticked,’ as he would say.

In a quiet and innocent tone, Halo timidly asked, “Dreamer . . . what is love?”

Dreamer stared down at the black haired girl in front of him in disbelief. “Um . . . well . . . how do I put this…” he wondered aloud, rubbing the back of his neck. He then wrapped his firm hands on Halo’s fragile shoulders, looked into her eyes and said, “Halo, you are the most emotion-deprived, depressing little girl I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting.” He then drove Halo back over to her room. She did not resist.

“You completely avoided my question, Dreamer . . .” Halo pointed out. And which was, in reality, Dreamer’s ultimate goal. Dreamer heaved a sigh, leaned against Halo’s wooden door, and slid to the soft, black carpet of Halo’s bedroom floor. Halo sat down beside him.

“Since you’re going through all this trouble just to find out the meaning of a simple emotion, I suppose I could tell you anyway. . .” Halo noticed that Dreamer was acting particularly out of character in this situation. “Love is. . .” Dreamer rambled on like this for several long minutes, rubbing his temples. Halo watched as his fingertips ran ever so delicately over his pale skin.

 “Ok, Halo, are you shooting for. . . love of sports, or. . . puppy love, or like. . . attachment love, or-”

 “I am shooting for ‘Twilight’ love.”

Dreamer stared at her and blinked twice, clearly shocked, but swiftly gathered all his knowledge of the subject. “Alright, ‘Twilight’ . . . that kind of love is. . .” an unsteady breath and he continued. “. . . When you feel like you can’t live without someone. Like without them, you’d die . . . and when you see anyone else staring at them, you want to beat them to death. . . It’s like. . .”

“Like how I love my dolls?” there was a confused emotion swirling and bubbling in Halo’s crystal blue gypsy eyes.

“No, that’s attachment love. Like how a small child might say they ‘love’ their school, but they don’t actually want to marry their school, right? That’s like how Neko loves his yo-yo, or how I love my books. And like how you love your dolls.”

“I understand how you marry someone when you say you ‘love’ them, and how you can be attached to things, but what does it really, truly feel like, Dreamer?” Dreamer gave Halo a long, hard stare, shifting from looking at one of her beautiful eyes to the other.

“It feels like . . . a swirly, happy feeling in your chest, between your heart and your ribs – as if you’re being tickled. And you can’t look away from that one special person, no matter how hard you may try. And maybe even sometimes you’ll find yourself staring at their lips, or the way their jaw moves when they speak. . .” Dreamer paused, and shook his head like he was shaking droplets of water from his neatly kept, fluffy brown hair. Halo stood and placed a hand on the knob of her door. Dreamer stood up as well and shifted off to Halo’s side. “Thank you, Dreamer, I believe I understand now.” With a slow creaking, she opened the door and started heading out of the room.

“Halo, wait-” a hand caught the edge of the loose, red sleeve of her elegant satin blouse. Halo turned to look back at her ‘tutor on love’, head tilted slightly to the side. Halo knew what Dreamer was going to say, even without either of them opening their mouths. . .

“Don’t go.”

As Dreamer finally said this, he lightly grabbed Halo by the wrist and took her back into the room, shutting the door. Then out of nowhere, Dreamer pushed Halo’s back against the wall and held, rather gently, onto her shoulders. He looked deeply into her eyes with great intensity. “Halo. . .” he said. “I love you.”

Halo blinked once, and then twice. Confusion yet again danced over her facial features. “Like…your love of books? Or like someone would love a toy?” Halo asked, using Dreamer’s previous examples.

“No, Halo. Like ‘Twilight’ love.” Thin, rosy lips landed softly and precisely on Halo’s pale, innocent ones. Dreamer leaned back, staring deeply once again into Halo’s icy blue eyes. Halo’s lips turned up in, if only the slightest, at the corners.

“Thank you, Dreamer. Now I understand.”

Their lips met again.


The End

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