Douglas LaterMature

"Hell yes!" I screamed "I got one!" It didnt die, but I got it none the less.

Seeing as most of them were in the cities, we wouldnt go near them. But we were starting to run out of options, they wanted peace, we didn't. They are a contamination that needs to be gotten rid of, one bullet at a time.

I walked into the city, two of my good friends walking behind me. They knew we were hostile, and wouldnt hesitate to try and kill us now.

One came from the left, we ducked down and it flew over us. I jumped back up and shot repeatedly in the direction I saw it go. It must of gotten hurt because I heard a scream and it lept for me. I ducked under it again, but this time stabbing him in the stomach with a dagger; then throwing him over my shoulder. He looked dead but I shot him in the head just to make sure.

It was dark, the rain kept falling. It was if the rain hadnt stopped falling for days, everything always looked dark and damp.

We were making progress on taking back what was rightfully ours. We were constantly expanding our territory, but it was only going to get harder as we never really killed them.

I was assigned to continue northward, killing all and taking all in my path. We were at the border of Haze Falls. Haze Falls used to be a charming little town, now these scum walk its streets and it will never be the same again.

It was only a small town, and there wasnt really a lot of people living here.

"Set up camp here, people will keep on nightwatch. It will be voluntary, but people have to do it." I yelled, as I was rather tired. They didnt really like light, they could be in it they just wouldnt be as strong in it, making torches very valuable items.

As i set up my tent, I went to sleep. When I wake up in the morning it will be back to cleansing this sorry excuse of a town.

The End

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