Emlyn HarpsMature

Emlyn's alarm clock went off at precisely 7.00am, the way it did every morning. The constant high pitched shrill drilled through her unconsciousness, dragging her into the early break of day. 

She rolled over, flailing her arm out into thin air, searching for the little plastic object that had disturbed her slumber. Her palm connected and she sent it flying to the floor. The beeping didn't stop though and with an annoyed sigh, she dragged herself out of bed, smacking the button impatiently. 

'Too early,' she muttered.

With slow, sluggish movements, she shuffled to the bathroom. She allowed the cool water to waken her properly, watching the droplets run across her pale skin, creating patterns along the way. Staring at her arm, she frowned slightly at the pallor. It was something she still hadn't gotten used to. Before the...incident, she had been a healthy olive tone, radiant and glowing. Now she just looked sick.

She was grateful she didn't stand out though. Practically everyone had the same complexion as her, an unhealthy chalky tone. It was just another effect of the outbreak. Her eyes had changed too. They were no longer the bright green she had had been proud of, they were now a steely metallic grey that looked cold and uncaring. They might have given the distinct impression that she was unapproachable, she'd shrug you off with a cool rebuff. They might have. Had not everyone else have them too... Yet another aspect of this disease.

She shut the shower off angrily; she had gotten herself thinking again, something she always tried to avoid. 

You can't change the past, she told herself. What's done is done.

Since the weather was warm, she decided to wear a simple denim skirt with a pale pink vest top and golden sandals. Running a brush through her blonde hair, she let it hang loose around her shoulders. 

'Mum!' she called down the stairs, grabbing her bag off the door handle. 'I'm off now! I'll see you tonight!'

'Okay dear,' her mother appeared out of the kitchen, drying a plate. Emlyn and her mother looked very much alike. They both had light blonde hair, framing a heart shaped face and childlike eyes. Her mother wasn't much taller than her, only by a few centimeters or so and they both shared the same slender figure, only her mum liked to hide hers behind baggy clothes and jeans. Emlyn was always pestering her mum to wear more feminine stuff, but her mother just said she was comfortable the way she was.

'Oh please don't be late, by the way. I don't want to worry you, but there's been another accident, just south of Haze Falls.'

'How far south?' Emlyn frowned, pursing her lips.

'It's nothing to worry about,' her mum assured her. 'Just another group of humans rebelling against our ways. Someone got hurt. A vampire.' 

Emlyn sighed at this piece of new information. Everyday it seemed as though someone was protesting. She'd accepted it, couldn't everyone else?

'It's not our fault,' she muttered.

'I know,' it was her mother's turn to sigh. 

'We can't help the way we are. It was those stupid...scientists. They should know that. I mean come on, if I had the choice, do they really think I'd want to be a vampire?'

The End

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