Total Contamination (Working Title)Mature

A story collab thing between me and Mr.Fisherman.
cos we're cool like this.


It didn't always used to be like this.

It used to be normal. It used to be good. Until that fateful day.

'That fateful day.' Sounds like something from a story, doesn't it? A badly clichéd  horror film with a predictable plot and terrible acting. But this isn't a story. This is real life. This happened to us all. Except the lucky few. But even then, can one truly consider them to be lucky?

Scientists were carrying out research on 'Genetic Testing'. What they didn't realize was that this was in fact highly contagious. Instead of creating a cure, they created a problem.

A vampire, to be exact. Then things went horribly wrong.

The disease spread. People mutated, transformed into creatures they could only dream of. 

The year is 2038, and this is what happened.


The End

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