After the unfair telling off I got once I sullenly handed my detention slip to my parents, and I'd lost count of how many times they had told me not to lie ("But I did get locked in") I was doubting the actual detention would be any better.

It was after school the next day and I dragged my unwilling feet to the Isolation Room where the after-school detentions were held. I raised my hand slowly to knock on the door, wondering whether I should just make a run for it while I still had the chance. Then someone opened the door. It was the saviour teacher.

"Ah, it's the Room 18 girl. Are you in detention?"

"Yes," I replied, too ashamed to meet his gaze.

"Oh good," he said, and continued; "I was wondering whether anyone would show up or not!"

In answer to my questioning glance he said hurriedly: "I mean, not good that you have a detention. That's bad of course. But... Um... Well, we'd better get on with it. Have you any work to do from your teacher?" He really sucks at this whole "controlling techer" thing.

"Nah, she didn't give me any."

"Well who gave you the detention?"

"Madamoiselle Baguet-- I mean, Madamoiselle Baront."

The teacher, who had desperately tried to stifle his laugh at my mistake, raised his eyebrows. His gorgeous, dark, shaped eyebrows... Anyway, he raised his eyebrows and asked why I got the detention.

"Oh, because I was beyond late for her lesson after the locked door incident."

"Don't worry," he assured me. "You go home, and I'll talk to Madamoiselle Baront for you."

"Really? Wow - thanks!" And I flung my arms around him in a tight hug once more.

The End

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