Total Brilliance

So a very random story I began to write and have no idea what's happening next sl enjoy ;)

"Help!" I was banging as hard as I could on the door but nobody seemed to notice. Everyone was walking past the very room I had locked myself into, and ignoring me. Well, that was high school for you.

"LET ME OUT!!!" I continued hammering on the door until it was opened by a young teacher, who looked quite taken aback. And quite cute. He can't have been more than 27ish, clean shaven and piercing blue eyes. But piercing in a good way. I couldn't help myself - I flung my arms around him and hugged him.

"Thanks so so so so so so so much for letting me out - I've been in here for two bloody hours!" He looked even more taken aback when I released him.

"You-you're welcome," he said. Then, trying to regain his "teacher's status" he said: "Now - run along to class now."

I couldn't help winking at him as I walked out the room.

I burst into my French lesson, half an hour late, and with no believable excuse.

"But I'm telling you miss - I locked myself into Room 18 this morning after tutor. I went to the wrong room, shut the door and it locked! Then this teacher let me out. Why don't you believe me?"

"Rebecca - I would believe you, but it's unbelievable. I'm going to have to write you a detention slip."

"But miss," I begged.

"No "buts" Rebecca. Now - sit down."

Sulkily (yes, I know. Childish and very un-16-year-old-ish) I sat down in my seat, right under the watchhful eye of Madamoiselle Baguette's (or so we called her) nosehairs.

The End

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