Tortures Mathematic

I was angry and didn't want to do my math homework, perhaps four years ago.
It still rings true today.

I hate it because it is boring.

I hate it because it is dross.

I have it because it’s the only thing

in my school day to make me so cross.


I hate it because it’s so irksome.

It makes me grumble and sigh.

I hate each and every conundrum

that provokes me to give up and cry.


I hate every scribble and symbol;

hate them with all of my might!

They confuse me so—It’s not simple!

Oh, please, get it out of my sight!


It knows what I don’t,

yet expects me to get it.

It says, ‘you will’ and I won’t—

don’t regret it!


I’m really quite simple and easy to please

when given assignments of science or rhetoric.

I will not complain or get down on my knees—

Unless you pursue me with tortures mathematic!

The End

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