“What the hell do you want to see more of that for?”

Caden asked, as another body tumbled forward into Jude’s waiting arms.

“I just want to check one more – just to see if his organs are missing too.”

She explained; examining odd mutations on the male corpse.

“He has a lot of needle-marks on his neck and wrists; on all the biggest veins. The mutations seem to begin in other areas – the hardening, scaled skin on his chest, like a lizard’s body; the ridges of similar scales on the sides of his wrists and neck.”

She noted; wishing that she had a notebook to write down all the gruesome details.

“Can we get out of here now? The smell of dead bodies isn’t exactly helping either of us.”

Caden pleaded; watching Jude run her fingers along the scaly ridges on the corpse.

 “Okay. We have a lot of work to do.”

Jude peeled off her crimson-splashed disposable gloves and tossed them aside. Caden noticed as she pocketed a few more pairs. He had to admit, it was great foresight on her behalf, even if her newfound passion for sticking her hands in dead bodies was quite worrying.


They opened the door and stepped back out into the stone hallway. Another Cerberus stood ahead of them, but the combined firepower of their weapons soon brought that creature to an end.

“I hate those bastards – they’re so hard to aim at.”

Caden whined; as they continued with their exploration.

“At least there haven’t been too many BOWs yet. We don’t want to run out of ammo before we even get started properly.”

Jude tried to stay positive, which is hard when you’re in a forest building full of freakish creatures that you can’t just walk out of because you’ve promised both yourself and the BSAA that you will check it all out.


“I think we should separate to search the rest of the first floor; then we can meet up by the metal staircase afterwards to search the second floor. I’ll take the east wing, you take the west wing. “

Caden suggested; reloading his handgun. He was saving the Sig for emergencies. He had a 9mm Glock, hand grenades, shock grenades and, for underwater use, pulse grenades. He had also been supplied with BOW decoys; a device like a grenade that attracted every BOW in the vicinity to it, before exploding and destroying them.

“Are you sure? This place is extremely dangerous.”

Jude’s voice was deadly serious and grave. Her eyes had a look of deep questioning in them.

“We’ll get out of here quicker if we split up.”

Caden persisted, and Jude nodded her head. She was a tough young lady, who was close to fearless. Caden knew that Jude would be okay on her own; she’d done dozens of dangerous missions.

They spent a brief few minutes checking their weapons, before splitting up. Caden watched Jude walk in the west direction. He felt alone as she walked into the distance, disappearing into the darkness of an unlit corridor.

Now he was alone, walking east. He could hear the howling of a storm outside, but other noises intermingled; the agonised barking of what could be another Cerberus; and a deep, low moaning, half strangled by insane, back-of-the-throat gurgling, like somebody trying to shriek while their head was bent back.


Caden muttered; walking along a curved, brown-tiled hallway. There was a plain, un-sanded brown door at the end, with a brass handle smudged with red fingerprints.

It opened easily, with none of the resistance that the other doors had put up. This one wasn’t even locked.

Caden raised his handgun as he entered the room.

It was a fairly large, crimson-splattered, white-gloss painted room. Caden wasn’t too scared, until he saw the boy.

The End

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