Cerberus EncounterMature

As Jude was about to open the door, she heard a whining, scratching noise outside.

“Jeezus Christ! What’s going on out there?!”

She kept her voice low, and they both leant against the door to keep it closed.

“Should we go out there? If we get rid of whatever it is now, we won’t have to worry about it later.”

Caden didn’t sound as if he relished the idea, but some things just have to be done.

“Okay. We’re taking that fucker out then.”

Jude replied; checking the Sig. Her worst fear was having to stop and reload at the very minute something large, angry, infected and hungry charged in her general direction.



They stepped outside at the same time.

A large dog stood slobbering and growling at the wall opposite the doorway. The dog looked like a large Doberman, with patches of flesh missing, revealing ribs and other skeletal parts. His yellowing fangs were bared and his red tongue hung over black lips. The minute he saw Caden and Jude, he charged towards them. They simultaneously raised their firearms and sprayed the dog with bullets.

“A Cerberus; BOW; Bio-Organic Weapon.”

Caden recited that chunk of information; though he knew Jude probably knew more about them than he did. Jude nodded in agreement, reassuring him that his information was correct.

They examined the carcass of the freshly-killed Cerberus.

“Ugly brutes.”

Jude kicked the body with contempt, her boots getting splashed with blood in the process. There was a sound like bones cracking, and Jude must have spotted something unusual, because she crouched down beside the dead Cerberus.

Caden stared with disgust as Jude slipped her hand into the open wounds on the dog’s stomach, splitting them open so that more crimson liquid leaked out, and innards began to seep out.

“What the hell are you doing?”

He asked; bending down to get a closer look.

“I saw something silver through one of the big wounds. He might have eaten some piece of evidence.”

Jude replied. She poked her hand in further, until it was in up to above her wrist. More blood, and finally she withdrew her hand, something clenched in her bloodied fist.

“What is it?”

Caden asked.

“It’s a key. There’s a plastic tag on the key-ring that might have some information like room-numbers on it, but the writing is covered in blood. I think the key itself was in the dog’s stomach, but escaped into the bloodstream when we shot through his internal organs.”

She explained; pocketing the key.

“We can try it in each door. It has to fit one of them.”

Caden answered, and they walked towards the next door as if nothing had happened. Jude wiped her bloodied hands on the hem of her grey, black and white camo-print tee-shirt, giving the key a quick shine-up in the process.

“Yeah, let’s keep going and try the key.”

She agreed, as they kept walking.

The End

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