Exploration CommencesMature

The room was bathed in dimly flickering white lights. It wasn’t very bright in the hallway, even with those lights on, but Caden and Jude walked forwards anyway, examining the rows of doorways; some wooden with faded paint, some made of tarnished metal.

“Some of them need code numbers; we might find those codes when we lock around properly. We can just pick the locks, or shoot through them on these ones.”

Caden said; running a hand along one of the wooden doors, and feeling small splinters of wood and bits of rough, peeling paint stick into his hand.

“Yeah, okay.”

Jude answered; striding forward, gun aimed.

“Do you wanna check this one out first?”

He asked her; tapping the door lightly. It had once been painted red, but was now a flaking, discoloured dark pink.

“Let’s go for it.”

Jude agreed. She swapped her Sig Sauer to the other hand for a few seconds, while she examined the heavy, rusty chains and large padlock across the door. Caden saw her search through her pockets for the lock-pick. It was useless in such a stubborn lock, but since their chances of finding the key were slim; she just raised the Sig and shot them to pieces.

“You ready?”

Her voice had a note of triumph in it. She kicked the pieces of broken chains and padlock that had fallen onto the stained, cracked tiles of the floor.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Caden replied grimly; shoving the door open, hand twitching to reach for his combat knife. Any of his guns would give him more chance of survival, but there was something he liked about knives. Stabbing into the crudely-stitched (and re-stitched) chests of the practice-dummies, splitting open the coarse black thread and making them leak white fluff like innards gave him a nice feeling; a release for years of pent-up anger.

They slowly walked into the room, both with firearms raised and ready. The most disgusting stench hit them; a smell of decay and rot, intermingling with sickness, and that chemical smell of hospitals.


Jude coughed; disgusted.

Caden could feel vomit rising in his throat but he swallowed it back, feeling it burn like acid. He didn’t want to weaken now. He wanted to uncover the secrets of the forest building. He wanted to search…he wanted to search for Amber.

The End

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