The Forest BuildingMature

Inspired by Dementium: The Ward, Resident Evil and Silent Hill 4. Kind of a fanfiction involving the BSAA and some creatures you may recognize from RE and SH.


“You think you can do this?”

Jude Williams asked; loading a clip of bullets into her handgun. Her sand-coloured hair was falling into her green-grey eyes. She pulled it back into a tight ponytail, twisting the white rubber-band with almost violent impatience.

Caden Smith nodded in reply to her concern. He felt as if his throat had sealed itself off, not allowing him to talk, swallow or even breathe. Caden walked away from Jude, and spat a mouthful of saliva and phlegm into the long, rough grass. He wanted to be sick, but couldn’t.

“Logan and Asher have been deployed. Now it’s our turn.”

Jude’s tone of voice seemed to perfectly portray her stubborn, courageous nature. She was a small but well-built woman of about twenty-six, and like Caden, she was clad in black and grey camouflage clothing. Ammo pouches were strapped to her legs and belt. Both she and Caden had these ammo pouches, as well as ankle sheaths and shoulder holsters.


Caden replied, his voice a croaking whisper. He was scared because he knew it was all or nothing. This could be his last chance to put his demons to rest.


Jude’s voice took on an ever so slightly softer, more personal tone.

“Don’t freak out. It’ll all be fine, everything’s gonna be fine.”

As she spoke, they both stood back a bit, to view the huge forest building in all of its sprawling, dilapidated glory.

The building seemed out of place in the thick, bleak, black and white forest. It might have once been painted bright white, but now it was grey; that paint peeling off in dirty flakes. There no windows visible on the outside walls. Amidst the enormous trees, with their thick, knotted trunks and gnarled branches; the long, jungle-like grass, and peculiar plants and scraggly shrubs sporting poisonous-looking berries and flowers, the building looked even more dangerous and foreboding.

The forest had always been referred to as black and white. On winter days, like that very day, a damp, cloudy white mist shrouded the twisted black trees, making the tangled, dead, leafless branches seem all the more unwelcoming.

“Let’s go.”

Jude’s voice was calm and firm, no fear and no emotion. Her face was set in a grim mask of determination. She began digging a lock-pick into the rusted keyhole of the metal doors. After a few seconds of scraping and clicking noises, she stood back, only to run forward, slamming her shoulder against the door. Caden did likewise, and they managed to open the door.

“We’re going in.”

Caden sighed; following his colleague into the darkness that stretched out ahead of them, within the building.

“Got your grenades?”

Jude asked; proceeding cautiously, loading and aiming her Sig Sauer as she entered the building.

“Yeah, I have.”

Caden replied shortly. He was completely terrified, but at least in the dark his fear didn’t show. He kept his handgun aimed as they searched for a light-switch.

“There might not be any power supplied, this place seems to have been abandoned a long time ago.”

He told her; trying to keep the conversation going, even though they were both concentrating on finding some form of light-switch or lantern.

“Found it!”

Jude  called triumphantly; flicking on the lights.

The End

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