Twin Kimonos

As they speed down the driveway Salinna looked back at her brother she knew there was something wrong with him. "Salinna are you alright," Dianna asked her voice still filled with worry, " your bleeding."

Salinna looked down at her arm which had lines of blood appearing from falling  into the gravel. She found some spare napkins in the pocket of the door and pressed it  against the scratches. "Dianna," Salinna said softly, still looking at her arm, " Did you notice how brothers eyes looked when he told us to leave?"

"Yeah they looked like they were turning a bloody red," Dianna answered as her face got a confused look as she stared at the road.

"I don’t think that was Seance," Salinna said picturing her brothers eyes as if it had frozen in time, "and if it is, Something’s happened to him, he’s changing."

Salinna sat there deep in thought the image burning into her head . Dianna reached one hand out and placed it on her shoulder then quickly glanced over and gave her a comforting smile. The rest of the time on the way to Academy they were silent.

When they arrived at the school the principal was waiting outside to greet them. A smile on her face and a was wearing a formal suit, she looked like a doll. "Welcome," she said in a warm voice.

"Uh, nice to meet you," Dianna answered.

"Pleasure to meet you," Salinna added.

"Likewise," the principal replied and opened the entrance doors which creaked very loudly.

The inside of the school looked like a giant, old mansion. A huge staircase stood infront of them when they walked through the doors then the principal lead them up it

each step creaking on the way. At the top there was a porterage that showed two twin girls that looked like the sisters wearing old tattered, and worn kimonos. Each one had a rope around their neck, they also joined hands which both had rope marks around their wrists. Dianna and Salinna both stopped to observe the picture, and it filled Salinna with a bad felling.

The principal glanced back at them, "Oh don’t worry about that’s a painting a former student here generations ago made," she assured them. Then the principal lead them to their dorm room and gave them the key which, oddly, looked like an old skeleton key. "You’re school uniforms should be on your beds," she told them, " If they don’t fit come get me and I’ll fix it." Then she walked off down the hallway he high heels clicking against the wood floor.

Dianna looked at the key and shrugged then unlocked the door. She opened it and a cold wind caressed their faces,

Dianna looked in and the window was opened, the white curtains being pushed by the breeze. The window was left open, so Dianna walked over to shut it while Salinna sat her suitcase on her bed then sat down. She looked over at the foot of her bed and saw no uniform just the blanket and sheets. "Dianna, our uniforms aren’t here," Salinna said with a confused tone laced with worry.

"What? No uniforms?" Dianna turned and looked at her bed which was empty of a uniform too, she looked over at the closet, "Maybe their in there."

Dianna walked over to the closet door and opened it, then she gasped. Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth to hold in a scream. "What is Dianna?" Salinna asked standing up quickly, worry coming over her, "What’s wrong?"

"Nothing’s wrong," Dianna said then a smile came across her face, "it’s not wrong at all, It’s great!"

"Look at these their so beautiful," She added pulling a gorgeous red and black kimono out of the closet.

Dianna held the kimono up to her body and spun around giggling in joy, "They must be worth a fortune!"

"They there’s two?" Salinna asked with a confused look and a hint of worry still in her voice.

"Yeah there’s two."

"That’s odd I mean what are the chances two priceless kimonos will just be left behind?"

"I know how lucky are we!"

Salinna walked over to the closet and peaked in, another red and black kimono hung there. It was very beautiful and she has never seen one like it before. Salinna could just sense that this wasn’t right that there was something wrong. She reached in to the closet and grab the kimono and looked it over suspiciously. No one would just forget an expensive kimono like this.

"Dianna don’t you find this just little odd, I mean this is unbelievable." Salinna told her sister.

"That’s what I thought too, I mean this is amazing we could sell these and get lots of yen or we could keep them I mean their so beautiful," Dianna replied already trying on the kimono she was holding.

"Dianna this isn’t right there’s something seriously going here," Salinna looked over the kimono again confused there was something about it, then she remembered the picture at the top the stairs, "That photo, those girls were wearing kimonos too."

"Oh come on Salinna," Dianna said as she fixed the kimono on her body, "those girl’s kimonos were ugly, these are beautiful. Besides the principal said not to worry about that, it’s just a painting."

"I still don’t like it," Salinna pursed her lips and put the kimono away and closed the closet door shrouding it in darkness then sighed, "I’m going to bed it’s late anyways."

Salinna changed into her nightgown, put away her stuff then slipped under the covers of her bed as Dianna danced in the middle of the room the kimono swaying with her. Salinna pulled the covers close to her and buried her face in her pillow then whispered, "This place is creepy, there’s something wrong with it and I don’t like it," and slowly drifted to sleep.

The End

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