Everybody elses foolMature

I felt like…Well, that was the problem, I felt like nothing. Just a tumbleweed in the desert that’s been deserted; treated like everybody elses fool! Nobody ever stops to ask what the matter is, they just watch and laugh all the time. I guess the only person in my life that actually cared  was…Well this was the problem, nobody ever looks twice. Mum, well she’s long gone. She’s been taken over madness. I had no other relatives I could talk to except; him, yes he was the one that I knew could solve all of my problems but I couldn’t talk about him could I? No then people would know I was different and not in a good way. He was the one that always used to answer my prayers but he suffered a long and painful death. I could no longer keep in touch with him anymore. Well, there was one way I could but that is unheard of, I possibly couldn’t…

The End

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