Paiva: A shy, intellectual girl of a ethereal beauty who has never fit in anywhere. Paiva is a valuable, loyal friend when she gets to know a person, but in her new school she is a model wallflower. Her fiery red hair, short slim stature and green eyes make her stand out among a school full of blonde giants and goth kids with dyed-black hair. Paiva has one important secret that sets her apart from the rest of the school.

Annika: A goth kid with dyed-black hair. Annika has a few true friends,

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Nothing ever really is as it seems. What was once widely accepted as fiction morphs into truth and the lines between fact and myth often blur beyond recognition.

And the majority live their lives with eyes closed. They dream that the world is as it seems, as black and white as the printed page. But our world is a colourful web, a cyclic interconnected mess of circumstances, lies, causes and effects. What once appeared as chiaroscuro blossoms into an inexplicably beautiful dance upon a closer look.

But backstage, behind the scenes, a dark and beautiful symphony is orchestrated to conduct the mundane, to perpetuate life as usual. It is into this dark netherworld we venture as our story opens.

This is the stage onto which our actors step.

The End

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