Torquay NightsMature

An unexpected holiday changing someones life.



It was just supposed to be a holiday, that was all, a week in a caravan 200 miles away from home, waking up every day and trying to drink your own body weight in alcohol. How was I to know this was gonna be the start of the rest of my life? I suppose I should start from the beginning really, that’s normally the best place to start.


So here I am, 18 years of age, nothing special, working in an average everyday job doing nothing in particular. At the start of our story I have a terrible group of 5 friends. These friends are all drug addicts, so much in fact that it’s riddled their brains and turned them into paranoid idiots. However, as miserable as this made me, night after night in club after club getting into fight after fight, little did I know this would lead me to the greatest discovery of my life. So there we are one night, in another night club like every other weekend, them lot drugged out of their minds while I dance and drink and pretend to enjoy myself though I know I’m surrounded by scumbags and that doesn’t just include my friends. This night was different, this night lead to what I now see as the rest of my life. Anyway, back to the story, there we are in this shithole nightclub dancing away, one of my friends, probably the worst one of the lot decides to stare continuously at the craziest looking guy in the place. A decision he would soon come to regret. As he started, this psychopath stared right back without so much as twitch, in the end, him and 20 of his mates come running over to me and 4 of mine and beat us. Now we were used to a brawl, this kind of thing happened a lot, but 20 on 5 was new, we had no chance. I was barely marked as I just stayed as far away from the fucking idiots as possible, my mate that had cause this ruckus however got his nose broken and was plastered in blood, got what he deserved in my opinion. We spent the rest of the night in A&E dealing with repercussions. I got home at 8am the next day having no idea this would change my life, for the better.


A few days later my friend, the worst one, decided to stop speaking me, this was all because he knew I tried to stay away from the fight. This action caused me to lose contact with all of the others too, something I’m now eternally grateful for. This decision of his pushed me towards a different group. I’d met these lads before, a few times as I went to primary school with them, I got to know them more and more and started drinking with them. These friends became the best friends I’d ever had. The weeks passed and I got to know the rest of the group, around 9 lads and 6 girls. There was one girl in particular; I’d only ever seen her out once or twice as opposed to the rest of the group whose faces became that familiar they were like family. This girl intrigued me; she interested me, made me curious. Suddenly I was invited on holiday with this group, these people I’d only been friends with for a matter of 6 weeks. I was happy they felt they knew me well enough to invite me; I of course jumped at the opportunity, booked the days off work and starting saving as much as I could.


It came round quicker than I’d expected it too, I woke up one day and I was packed, ready to go before any time had even passed. It’s funny, I was nervous and excited, I’d never driven for so long before but I couldn’t wait to arrive. If only I’d know what lay ahead, maybe I’d of been even happier. We arrived, as soon as we got the site we were warned, “Any trouble and you’ll be kicked off site”, not surprising really, a group of 15 teenagers at a family park were bound to be make a few of the management nervous. We were given our keys after a couple hours of waiting then got settled in to our caravan, our home for the week. It was surprisingly clean; our first job for the week was to get the food shop done. So me and 2 of the lads volunteered as I was one of the only ones with a car. Our food shop mainly consisted of alcohol and meat but hey, we were teenage lads on holiday what did you expect? We got back, we’d barely managed to unpack the shopping before the drinking began. Beer after beer, we manage to find time for an omelette in between the beers, but then back to the beer. It was fantastic, a feeling of freedom, not a care in the world just getting as drunk as we could as fast as we could. It got to 10pm and we realised, we’d come away from home and we were just sat in a caravan drunk, why weren’t we out?! So we went out, that first night was insane, we found the first pub we could which turned out to be a nightclub, we carried on drinking. This was just the beginning of a very messy week. There we were, 15 of us, miles away from home, all as drunk and reckless as each other. She was there too, the mysterious one, I didn’t say anything to her that first night, I didn’t know her, I just wanted to get drunk after spending over 3 hours stuck in a car, plus, what would I say? The night came to an end around 2am, the club closed, we took it in turns in the kebab shop opposite while one of the girls was lying on the pavement crying over god knows what. We finally found taxis and got back to the caravan, this was one of many nights to come. We got back, drank tea to try and sober up a little then passed out in the smallest beds imaginable. It was the perfect way to start a perfect week.

The End

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