Tornado TomatoMature

lol for writing.

A tomato tornado spin vivaciously.
Reverse rotation has been tried.
I can see it from my house in alasaka.
Billy Jaen Bites the man's stick
while it vibrates in his arse
She tries so HARD to pursue the victim,
but he just Shovels his gargoyles out of his hole.
The mu fuckin end.
and he screams in pain,

"No teeth! No teeth!" Writing has been tried by Billy Jean. Bilwy Jean has tried writing from her house in alasaka,
but writing is very hard with the man stick in her mouth.
The screams are too distracting.
She cannot make her verbs get along with the nouns.   While whoring her pregnont daughtre.
It dose nut work whell for hers.    I can't
She is'd love by I. help it if I gut mah degree from Antonnelli online. It was freed.  That there Sara Paylen Gerl.
Go shoot you sumpin', take it home and eat it. Wink. wink.  This is hour tomato torndadoe poehymn.
Plese except us for who's we're are.

The End

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