I swiftly ran down the hallway, like he instructed. A corner was coming up and I glanced behind me again to see if the stranger was following me. There was quite a bit of distance between us. He was still occupied with more guards who magically appeared.

 As I turned the corner, I crashed in to a vase. It dived towards the ground and smashed in to a million pieces. Ignoring the fallen vase, I tried to quicken my pace. My legs urging me to stop. The corridor started to sway and blur. My head throbbed harder causing me to slow. I squinted my eyes from the pain.

                “What was that?!” shouted a husky voice. I heard footsteps approaching down the corridor. Someone was coming. Two figures stood near the end of the corridor. Just behind them was the broken window. My escape.

                I stopped and looked around for maybe another route, or somewhere to hide out the guards. But it was too late.

                “HEY! It’s the prisoner. She’s over here!” shouted the other guard. “That little rat. Get her!” The two proceeded to run towards me.

I gritted my teeth in frustration. Without thought, I sprinted down the hallway, towards them. As I ran towards them, everything blurred and swayed again. It stunted my pace slightly. My head began to throb again. I ignored it and continued my sprint. Just as I gotten fairly close to them, I dropped to my knees and angled my body closer to the ground.

I swooshed past the first lanky guard and just needed to keep that momentum going to pass the larger bulkier guard. Unfortunately, that trick didn’t work for the second guard. He figured out my tactic in an instant and proceeded to stretch out his arm.

I collided in to his armored arm like a bird colliding in to a clothesline. He proceeded to harshly drag to my feet. Once again, the swiftness of action bought the room spinning. His other arm pressed an ice cold knife against my throat. I took a look ahead of me.

The corridor had stopped swaying but everything was blurry. Like viewing everything through a dirty looking glass. The figure of the lanky guard collapsed on the ground. A slender sword stuck out of his chest. I widen my eyes in surprise. That stranger kept his word, for there he stood in front of me.

A warm liquid dropped on my head. A heavy weight dropped in to my stomach. Chills ran up my spine. The pressure of the knife loosen. Another drop of warm liquid fell on me. This time landing on my cheek. I could feel its stickiness against my cheek as it slowly rolled its way down. I summoned up the courage to look at the guard holding me. An ebony knife stuck in between his eyebrows.

Shocked I opened my mouth about to say something but another coughing fit waved over me. Hacking and wheezing for air. The coughs came so frequently it was hard to get air back in my lungs. The room began to sway and spin. Everything began to blur again and I began to lose focus on this world.

Darkness engulfed me. All other sounds felt muted like I was underwater. My head throbbed harder this time and the coughs were stronger. Strange enough, the stranger’s voice broke through the muffled silence.

                “Alice! Damn it! Hey!”

                “Hatter? Hatter?! Are you alright?”

                “Dor’Mouse, Shadow, thank goodness you’re here.”

I slipped in to the darkness. Succumbing to its powerful strength. Without a morsel of energy left to combat against it, I let it drag me in to its world. 

The End

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