An Offer

I slowly swallowed air as a way to calm myself. “Only a fool would stay.” I whispered. My voice was hoarse from not speaking for so long. A couple of coughs escaped my throat. They ripped and tear their way out from the cavities of my lungs. My chest burned from the attack, and every breath I took felt like acid on the wounds.

                “Can you run, Alice?” spoke the mysterious man. He looked at me with his pale green eyes. Worry etched on his face.

Why is this man concerned over me? He isn’t offering me freedom, is he? He probably wants to use me for something. Another cough escaped and shattered my doubts. The force of it blurred my vision and sent my head in to throbbing pain. But the pain soon dulled.

“I hope so. It’s been a while.” It dawned upon me that I had no idea how long I’ve been in this cell. I couldn’t stop myself from looking sad. But I shook it off. Mustering up the courage I asked, “Who are you? How do you know my name?”

                “I can answer those later. For now, I need you to leave this cell and run down the corridor you see to your left. I’ll stop anyone who comes after you. Do you understand?”

I nodded. My head throbbed. I stared up at his crazy pitch black hair. Hoping that it would tell me more about this man and where he’s from. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much out of it.

                “After the long corridor, there should be a broken window. I need you to jump out of it. Don’t worry, you’ll survive. There’s a large sycamore tree just north of here. You won’t miss it. Please meet us under that tree.”

Us? There was more people here in cahoots with him? A loud crash broke me from my thoughts. It sounded fairly near to my cell. Loud panicked shouts echoed through the empty corridors. Followed by a commotion which sounded oddly like an alleyway rumble.

                “That’s our cue. Now go!” The strange man pushed me out of the cell. Stumbling due to his rough unexpected push, I fell to the floor. Quickly, I picked myself back up and started to run. Well at least it was a run to me. The blood quickly rushed to my head and my breath quicken.

I looked behind me and the man was fighting back some guards. He looked back at me.

                “What are you doing? Go! I’ll watch your back.” He yelled. He unsheathed his sword and proceeded to slash the other men.

He’s offering me protection and an escape, what a fool. All I need to do is hide after I jump out that window. Should be easy enough right?

The End

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