Alice is trapped somewhere. She doesn't know. All she knows is that she woke up in an unfamiliar place and she's sick. Someone breaks out out of her confinement. They claim to know her. Do they really? How can Alice trust their claims?

Stomping and yelling startled me from my slumber. Amidst of my shocking awakening some of my pathetic make shift hay blanket brushed off of me. Groaning, I rolled on my back and stared in to the darkness. ‘Where am I? And how can I escape this place?’ I sighed, knowing that asking the darkness was fruitless. It would never give me any answers.

The smell of my molding hay bed slowly crept its way in to my nose. It mingled with all the other disgusting senses this place had to offer. Rotting flesh, fecal matter and urine all coexisted together in this dungeon. Luckily for me, even the dirty rats shun this area. Their absence left me truly alone in this place.

I released a supressed cough. It echoed off the empty dull walls. I glanced near the direction of the door. Warm light pooled around the bottom of the crack. Unfortunately, the warmth of the light can’t be felt.

Even though it’s so distant, it always calms me down. Sometimes the warm soothing light would give me that little touch of hope. I shook my head, mentally scolding myself. There isn’t any hope in here. There’s nothing but the sad song of betrayal and death that lingers through these cold cobblestone walls.

Suddenly, a flicker caught my attention. Was it the light? I stared back at the door. There it flickered again. Soon after a shadow formed in place of the pool of light. I braced myself for whoever it was.

The door slammed against the wall behind it. The dim light flooded in to the room. Momentarily blinding me. The fresh air drowned my lungs. Another cough shoved its way out. The air was sickeningly sweet. I greedily inhaled as much fresh air as I could. Savoring each any every breath I took until I was satisfied.

Finally when my senses has calmed down I noticed a tall figure stood at the doorway. Their hand stuck out towards me. He wasn’t wearing any heavy armor so he couldn’t have been a guard. But, before I could analyze more of him, he snapped me out of my thoughts.

                “Alice, come on. Let’s go!” He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I felt his pale green eyes examined me. “Alice Crimson?”

                I nodded. My body had grown too weak to resist against him. Any attempt would just be foolish.

                “Well do you wish to stay in this cell forever?”

I paused. His pull had cause me to go a bit light headed. Was this stranger offering me freedom? My heart began to race. That would mean I would be free again! However, I couldn’t help but to feel like it was a trap. But I couldn’t trust my instincts. That’s how I got here in the first place.

The End

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