The Search

It had been a week since Thaniel had been taken in by Elena. He helped out with cooking, chopping wood for the fire and other little jobs to pay his way. He had finally decided what he was going to do with himself. Today he was to look for this Spike, although chances were that he had already left town, tomorrow he was going to leave. This madman was still on the loose and clearly the only thing to be done to take him down was find some sort of magical equipment. The Kingdom of Thane was renowned for it so that should be his destination.

Saying his thanks he left Elena’s for the first time in a week. The sun shone high in the sky and under its watchful eye the people of the city went about their daily lives. Merchant carts rode up and down the paths in the city, not taking much notice of pedestrians. Thaniel found himself having to dive out of the way at least three times.

Market stools were littered about the street, with all kinds of people selling both the exotic and mundane.

His search started at taverns in the main town centre, he went into each one and asked about his rescuer to which the reply every time was;

“Don’t know who you’re talking about.” Or “Never heard of him.”

This Spike fellow was a little bit elusive to Thaniel’s mind. He avoided the rich part of town, going round it to find the guards quarters.

The buildings were huge, like mountains jutting out among a sea of mounds. Banners depicting everything from dragons to griffons fluttered elegantly in the breeze and the white stones of the buildings glistened in the sun.

He asked guards from each faction, one wore a sea serpent on his armour, which marked him out as a naval guard. This seemed like a good bet as if Spike had left he wouldn’t have found it hard to find a ship. No luck.

Eventually he decided it was time to give up. He felt a bit stupid for even attempting his mission, in such a big city a massive sea of faces seemed to blend into one. Nobody was going to distinguish one from another like they wouldn’t for one ant to the next.

It was dusk when he returned to Elena’s, the light was a dim gold over the city as twilight began to descend. A ray of hope shone through for Thaniel as he saw someone enter the building. It was Bonzl, it had to be Bonzl and luckily for Thaniel he was the only person who was likely to know where Spike was.

“Hey! Excuse me.” Thaniel’s voice was filled with satisfaction as he darted towards the man. “I wanted to ask you something.”

The End

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