Time To Train

Two blades clashed in mid air creating a torrent of sparks that filled the air, Bonzel jumped back from his parry and landed ready to strike again, he was rather quick and nimble for a man of his size, Spike was amazed at the speed and strength of the blows. He decided if he was going to win this sparing match then he would have to go all out, he picked up his short sword and swung at Bonzel who parried the blow and dodged again "enough!" Bonzels voice created tremors in Spikes body, it was loud and commanding, " that's it for now, we should break for lunch anyway I'm getting hungry."

With this Bonzel stabbed his large naginata into the ground, he then proceeded to push his arm into thin air and pull out two wooden chairs, Spike had always been curious as to how this was accomplished and had been too shy to ask beforehand but he decided to finally ask "umm... Bonzel how do you do that?" Bonzel chuckled and gave Spike the chair to sit on and sat down himself, "in answer to your question it is a unique magical dimension that Martial mages are given when they complete their final exam and become official battle mages, only i can access this one and it has unlimited space so i keep all my belongings in there i call it my magic box, it makes a long journey a bit easier when you can sit on a chair instead of the ground don't you think?" Spike was compelled to agree, the ground was cold and wet today as there had been a serious rainfall the night before he still didn't understand the magical storage space that Bonzel had but he was thankful for it.

Bonzel unloaded the rucksack they had taken into the clearing that they were training in and pulled out a large loaf of fresh bread and two large joints of meat, he tore the bread in half and gave Spike one half and one of the joints of meat "don't worry if you cant finish it all kid we can save some for later, I'm assuming that Elena thought it was all for me, not a very perceptive one but a damn good cook" Spike started to eat the bread and tear into the meat, when he finally stopped for a breath he turned to Bonzel and asked "Elena? is that the lady that we, got to take care of the man you saved?" Bonzel laughed again "me? no boy the man YOU saved if you hadn't broken out the window and found him then he wouldn't be alive right now" Bonzel had assumed that, this is what had happened the other night.

The two finished eating and Bonzel once again plunged his hand into his magic box and pulled out a dagger, it was small and covered in runes, he looked at Spike and passed the dagger to him. As Spike clutched the dagger it grew almost instantly into a sword, it wasn't very big perhaps slightly larger than a short sword. Bonzel sighed and said "well there's no mistaking it i can honestly cross you off the suspect list now, it wasn't a strong possibility but i had the idea that you may have been the murderer" Spike looked at Bonzel in shock "now now boy don't look so angry with me, you were at both scenes unharmed, and like i said it isn't you" Spike looked at Bonzel confused " how did the magic dagger tell you that?"

Bonzel chuckled "well at least you knew it was magical, but it's more than that, it can measure the magical potential of any living being that holds it, it binds itself the the initial holder except those who already have one, it forms into the weapon that you are most accustomed to and grows, the larger the weapon is the more magical power or potential you have, and you have almost none, so i wouldn't bother asking me to teach you any spells, but the magic of the world is ever changing, like the weapon, I've sealed mine so it can't go changing on me anytime soon but we can leave yours as it is to see if you develop any kind of affinity for magic, but at the moment you have no talent for it."

Spike barely took in this long speech, more surprised at the length that Bonzel had spoken for, as he usually spoke in short sentences. As spike finished the last of his meat and feeling awfully full, he found that there was still something weighing on his mind, the man that he had saved, he wanted to know if he was okay, so he felt he had to ask Bonzel "umm Bonzel its been a week now, do you think that the man has recovered? and if so can i go see him i want to make sure he's ok" Bonzel looked quite proud of Spike at that moment "Sure we can, it'd be best to get some more food from Elena too i'm still hungry anyway"

The End

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