Awake and Alive

His eyes snapped open. He didn't know where he was, it was a dimly lit room, with a small oak table in the corner and fairly plain decorations draped on the walls. Looking around he found himself in a bed, bandages were wrapped round his body.

A sweet smell filled the air, stew, of course. Looking round he saw a pot of it layed out for him on the bedside table. It was piping hot, steam still rose from it, he realised how hungry he was and feverishly started to eat.

Next he decided to get up and try to walk, it was painful but possible. He walked over to the nearby mirror and saw in it a strongly built man. He had the huge broad chest of an archer and well built and toned muscles. He looked into the dark eyes of the reflection and saw himself, Thaniel, staring back. He was alive.

He wrapped a robe around his body and turned for the door to see a women standing there. She was short and slightly rounded. Her great rosy cheeks gave her an air of kindness and she smiled sweetly when Thaniel turned.

"Get some more rest, you were badly injured. That murderer must have attacked again. If it wasn't for that Spike person you would be dead by now." Her voice was sweet and kind, it had a hint of softness while at the same time gave off an air of authority.

"Thank you" Thaniel began as he sat back down on the bed. "Miss?"

"Elena" The woman replied. "You will stay here until morning at least. I shall have a huge breakfast waiting for you!" Thaniel smiled, he enjoyed the stew, perhaps Elena was a cook. Thaniel considered trying to learn more about where he was but decided to leave it until morning.

"My bow?" Thaniel asked meekly.

"Its fine dear. Downstairs waiting for you, we unstrung it for you, mighty difficult though, took three of us. You must be incredibly strong!"

Thaniel was embarrassed by the complement and merely smiled in return. He thanked her for her kindness and went back to sleep. He thought about this Spike person. Who was he? Did he know the man in Black? Thaniel hoped to search him out in the morning.


The End

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