A Disguise A Journey And A New Friend?

The morning light pierced through the trees, giving light to the battle field of the night before, all that was left on the scene was the scars on the surrounding area that had been made by Spike, small slices in the ground, on the house where Thaniel once stood and a crater in the ground where Thaniel had narrowly escaped death. A cool breeze washed over the village and it's residents who were oblivious to the events that unfolded the night before.

Spike awoke in the room once again, greeted only by the gentle morning light and the ominous painting that masked the only way out of the room, it still made him shudder but he was gradually getting used to it. This was the 5th morning that he had woken in the room after saving that dieing man just outside, Spike was still unaware of how he had gotten out there but relieved all the same, Bonzel had explained that if he had been a few minutes later arriving at the scene then the man would have died.

The painting on the wall shook and the door appeared again, "hello again Bonzel, it's been a few days i was beginning to think you had forgotten about me" Spike said in a sense of relief, as he had finished off the remainder of the food and water he had been given the night before Bonzel left to heal the man he had found. "Yeah well you had enough Provisions, as long as you didn't pig out on them you should of had enough for up until last night" Bonzel replied in a half joking tone " anyway this guys all patched up now, just gotta leave him to rest for a day and then we can leave."

Spike arose from his bed and turned to Bonzel a fairly intimidating looking man with a scar that stretched from his left eye to his chin, fire like red hair medium length and oiled back to give some illusion of tidiness, he stood around 6ft 7" and wore a chest plate of magic infused mithril the standard uniform for all mage guards within the Martial City his eyes were piercing and strange colours one was yellow as the sun and the other silver like the moon. Spike spoke quietly to Bonzel as he had come accustomed to "okay but before we go anywhere, its been bugging me... why did you decide to call me Spike?" Bonzel looked at Spike in disbelief and said to him "so you weren't joking eh? you dont even know what you look like? well ill get you a mirror you can see then."

Bonzel turned to one of the walls in the room and plunged his hand into it, it seemed to sink through, into somewhere else he pulled out a large mirror, man size so Spike could see himself fully in it, he placed it against a wall and left the room. Spike worried himself over what he may look like but decided to just go for it, it was better than not knowing what he looked like at all.

he stood in front of the mirror and stared at himself in it, he didn't look much different from a normal man, standing at around 6ft 3" he had purple hair short and naturally spiked roughly around his head, it matched his purple eyes, he had a small scar above his right eye and otherwise he looked human, he could see something under his robes though, bumps on his shoulders, he pulled down his robe off of his shoulders to reveal small spikes protruding from his shoulders they were black and only about an inch tall, there were three on each shoulder in alignment decreasing in size the further they got away from the neck, other than that there were no deformities tattoos or other scars to be seen on his body. he lifted his robe back up and left the mirror.

Spike took a step outside and had a set of leather shoulder pads thrown at him, they were dark brown and and featured a small purple cape that would reach to about halfway down his back. "umm whats this for?" Spike looked fairly confused at the thing he had been given, Bonzel laughed and said "Well come on now you cant be that stupid, it's for wearing. I made it myself its gone dents for them spikes of yours to go in" Spike still looking fairly confused put the shoulder pads on, they hung just a little bit over each shoulder and fit him perfectly, he had no cause for complain as it was comfortable to wear and weighed almost nothing. "thank you"

The End

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