Familiar faces

Spike fell to the floor in his lonesome room, his head feeling like it was going to tear apart. He seemed to hover just barely above the floor. He arose with a different look, a different stance and even a different aura about him, it was one of hatred and evil, the dark and twisted presence of a madman.

As Spike rose from the floor he sensed murderous intent, an arrow, precise and with intent to kill, not wound or disable smashed the window of the room and flew towards Spikes forehead, all he needed to do was stand there, an automatic defense as it was called, a razoring wind appeared as a wall in front of Spike shredding the struggling arrow to splinter. Spike looked at the floor at the odd shaped arrow tip, it was razored on one side and serated on the other, He had seen this arrow before, even felt the pain it could inflict on contact, only when infused with a great magical power could it penetrate his defence and there was only one man who could do that.

Spike stared out of the window trying to find some glimpse of the enemy, he yelled to the open air "come out little swiftstrike, that's right i know where your from boy!" he let out a menical laugh and spoke once again "i suppose your the only one left then, its pathetic... your clan died like children and they begged for mercy like cowards!" Another arrow was fired, Spike had aggrovated the clanboy well enough to make him give away his position. As Spike looked around the room he could see that it was made up almost entirely of magic, he pressed his hand to the wall and stepped through it as though it wasn't even there, the magic had seemed familiar and somewhat nostalgic to him, but he had no time to reminisce on such things.

He had found what he wanted, the assailant from the swiftstrike clan, the clanboy stood in front of his vision on a rooftop, he had cursed Spikes very existance since that day 2 years ago, the day a great clan had become almost extinct. Spike waved his arm in the air and appeared to draw an almost invisible sword, it was only about a meter and a half long, nothing compared to Thaniel's bows range, he drew two more arrows onto his bow and fired them almost in an instant, these were scrapped like the first two had been at the defence that this would be demon had created for himself, Spike lashed his sword at Thaniel, who jumped to another rooftop to avoid any kind of attack, but as he landed small slices dug into his skin and clothes.

The swing had been a diversion the real attack had come from the side, Thaniel had no real experience fighting this demon of a man. He decided it would be best to retreat and attack again another time, but it was already too late, Spike had vanished from his static position and was nowhere to be seen, more slashes of the air had come towards Thaniel, all hits but nothing vital, he had been blown from his rooftop and  crashed to the floor.

Thaniel layed there unable to move and loosing blood, he was loosing consciousness. A gust of wind passed over the village as Spike moved slowly towards his prey he stabbed his wind sword into the ground, which expanded untill there was almost a dome shape covering Thaniel. Thaniel was almost out of luck conciousness and life, but he had seen this before, the wind currents created inside this dome were fierce, fast and sharp they would mince any man alive skinning him first then working slowly down to the bone.

Thaniel passed out, submissive at his loomng fate, Spike spoke once more "now you see, this world will be mine, and i will eradicate every trace of life untill there is nothing!" he laughed at the wounded bird that  was his prey, and as he raised his hand to deliver the final blow a pained look rolled across his face, Spike fell to his knees grasping his head and screaming in pain, he fell to the floor with a crash this time. He arose startled and confused "how did i get here?" Spike said out loud to himself, but he looked down and all worry about himself faded, for he had noticed the bleeding man in front of him, Spike Screamed out "HELP!!" "SOMEBODY HELP!!"

The End

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