Spike- The hunted

Thaniel hopped gracefully across the rooftops, clutching his bow in one hand. It was a windy night and he barely kept his footing. He stopped on top of one house, perched majestically atop a chimney. He fumbled his pockets for a moment before pulling out a small eye glass. He held it up to his eye and scanned the area, then lowered it and scanned again. The glass had shown him everything he had wanted to know.

He began to move again, dancing and somersaulting, he practically flew over the buildings. The streets were empty and the only noise that could be heardwas Thaniel speeding towards his destination. His target, the man from 2 years ago.

He dared not go into thought about that day. He concentrated instead on his task. He reached a rooftop near the house of choice and saw a man in black in the window. Thaniel wipped out his bow and layed it flat. H placed an arrow shaft across the bowstave and drew the cord as he held it up. He closed one eye and looked down the shaft. He could see his target and could not afford to fail this time. He let go of the cord and the arrow flew true straight towards his target.

The End

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