The Shadows

The was an ice cold chill in the air, the strong breeze clashed with the brick and glass like the waves to the cliff-edge. Spike was resting in the tough, but somewhat soothing bed located in the corner of the room, he couldnt sleep due to the noise, not to mention the fact he still had a barrage of unanswered questions whirling around in his head.

As Spike felt he was drifting towards finally be able to sleep, there was a noise residing from somewhere in  his room, but he was unable to pinpoint its origins, or meaning. The sound repeated once more, this time a little louder, it seemed like a hiss, but a stifled one. Spike sat up immediately, an inquisitive, but moreso worried look had befallen his face, his eyes scanned the surroundings of the dank, shadowed room, but could see nothing. "I know who you really are..." Were the words of the voice that echoed in a low, grumbling tone, "In time, you will too." it would add, Spike still frantically searching for the origin of the voice, but to no avail, would say, "W..Who are you?", "Thats not important, whats important is we have high hopes for you, in time, your true nature shall surface, it is then that you shall come seeking our brotherhood." the voice replied in a commanding tone.

As Spike opened his mouth to question this voice more, the painting on the wall began to shudder, and took the form of a doorway once more. Bonzel came running into the center of the room, an intense look covering his face, "I heard voices, are you okay?" he would say, watching the shadows for any unexpected surprises, but nothing was there. "O..Oh i had a nightmare, i must've been sleep talking, im sorry for the trouble..." he would say, not wanting to reveal what had occured as he wishes to ponder the words of this voice, and also thinking thinking that telling the man how, "His true nature shall surface" and "We have high hopes for you" could come across as making him look guilty, all in all, it was best to keep quite, and gather information before revealing his cards.

After Spike spent a few minutes convincing Bonzel that everything was fine, even though it wasnt, Spike sat back in his bed, and began to contemplate the meaning of this strangers words, and more to the point, how he even got in there, the room was magically cloaked, the only entrance being a painting in the wall. Spike knew this definately had something to do with the incident on the beach, it was now a matter of putting the peices together, and maybe finding some way to the truth.

The End

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