a name?

The man still stared around the room he had been put in, it was small and could really only fit in a desk and the bed he was laying in, hard wooden floors, and basic but dirty cream coloured walls and a window letting in the most minuscule amount of morning light. The room practically  bare aside from a painting of the ocean that gave the man shivers down his spine remembering the pain he had felt on that beach, he thought to himself and realized that he actually had no recollection of anything before the beach.

His mind was empty there were no faces, no names not even his own, he couldn't even remember what he looked like. The man carefully stepped from his bed expecting to fall under his own weight as he had done on the beach, but found himself to be surprisingly strong, after all for all he was aware this was his first time standing without the use of a piece of driftwood. He looked for a door or a way out of the room but there appeared to be none the walls all blank aside from the painting which still made him very uneasy, the man yelled from inside the confined room "hellooooooo?" a slight pause for reaction "is there anybody out there?" as he finished his last cry for help the painting appeared to sink into the wall, a hole in the wall starting small and then expanding to door size opened and a large figure stepped in and shouted at the man "shut up! you trying to wake up everyone in the village!" "oh...sorry" said the man.

The two sat down after a couple of chairs had been pulled out of the wall by the owner of the small room, "my names Bonzel" said the man who owned the room "i was passing by and noticed you on the beach in that horrible scene, i was wondering what you could tell me about it" the man turned to Bonzel and asked "what do you mean? it was just me on the beach wasn't it?" Bonzel scoffed and his tone turned far more serious "just you? yeah you and the pieces of those people, it was a bloody mess friend, did you see what attacked you?" the man shocked and fairly horrified at Bonzels description as basic as it may have been he didn't seem like the kind of man for long speeches, the man explained all he could remember and that was passing out, he didnt remember anything about a couple of other people or something attacking him.

"So it must have been when you were out cold then eh? well it works for me, i just needed something to put on the paperwork after all with the state you were in it couldn't have been you. Bonzel paused " plus it looked like it was a magic user and by the way you were startled at the simple hiding spell i cast on my room i'm guessing you aren't one." The man now puzzled completely at the idea of magic, wondered if things like this were common knowledge and he had forgotten everything except how to walk and speak. Bonzel started to walk out of the room when he turned around and asked the man "What should i call you?" "umm i don't know.. i don't really know my name" "Well then i guess ill name ya, hmm what would suit you... i know, i can call ya Spike" "oh.. thank you but why spike?"

The End

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